Back somersault is a popular team that was formed on the territory of Ukraine. The band members are united by their love for Jamaican music. Their tracks are "seasoned" with rap, funk and electronica. In 2022, the former vocalist of "Back Flip" Sasha Tab - took part in the recording of the track "Sonyachna" (the recitative of the rapper Skofka and the Kalush group is heard on the verses). Vocalist "Salto […]

Leah Meladze is an aspiring Ukrainian singer. Leah is the middle daughter of music producer Konstantin Meladze. She loudly declared herself in 2022, taking part in the casting "Voice of the Country" (Ukraine). Lia Meladze's childhood and youth The artist's date of birth is February 29, 2004. She was born on the territory of Ukraine, namely […]

4atty aka Tilla stands at the origins of the Ukrainian underground. The rapper is associated as a former member of the sensational bands Bridges and Mushrooms. True fans probably know that he started rapping as a teenager, but he gained massive popularity precisely in the project of Yuri Bardash. Great news for fans - the artist promises to release a full-length […]

Svetlana Skachko is a famous Soviet singer and member of the Verasy vocal and instrumental group. For a long time there was no news about the star. Alas, the tragic death of the artist made the media remember the creative achievements of the singer. Svetlana is a victim of the elements (details of the death of the Belarusian singer are set out in the last block of the article). Childhood and youth of Svetlana […]

Michael Soul did not achieve the desired recognition in Belarus. In his native country, his talent was not appreciated. But Ukrainian music lovers appreciate the Belarusian so much that he became a finalist in the National Selection for Eurovision. Mikhail Sosunov's childhood and youth The artist was born in early January 1997 on the territory of Brest (Belarus). Mikhail Sosunov (real […]

Barleben is a Ukrainian singer, musician, ATO veteran and captain of the Security Service of Ukraine (in the past). He stands up for everything Ukrainian, and also, in principle, he does not sing in Russian. Despite his love for everything Ukrainian, Alexander Barleben loves soul, and he really wants this style of music to resonate with Ukrainian […]