The musical abilities of the composer Franz Liszt were noticed by their parents as early as childhood. The fate of the famous composer is inextricably linked with music. Liszt's compositions cannot be confused with the works of other composers of that time. The musical creations of Ferenc are original and unique. They are filled with innovation and new ideas of musical genius. This is one of the brightest representatives of the genre […]

If we talk about romanticism in music, then one cannot fail to mention the name of Franz Schubert. Peru maestro owns 600 vocal compositions. Today, the composer's name is associated with the song "Ave Maria" ("Ellen's Third Song"). Schubert did not aspire to a luxurious life. He could allow to live on a completely different level, but pursued spiritual goals. Then he […]

Robert Schumann is a famous classic who has made a significant contribution to world culture. The maestro is a bright representative of the ideas of romanticism in the art of music. He said that, unlike the mind, feelings can never be wrong. During his short life, he wrote a significant number of brilliant works. The maestro's compositions were filled with personal […]

Johannes Brahms is a brilliant composer, musician and conductor. It is interesting that critics and contemporaries considered the maestro an innovator and at the same time a traditionalist. His compositions were similar in structure to the works of Bach and Beethoven. Some have said that Brahms' work is academic. But you can’t argue with one thing for sure - Johannes made a significant […]