Quavo (Kuavo): Biography of the artist

Quavo is an American hip hop artist, singer, songwriter and record producer. He gained the greatest popularity as a member of the famous rap group Migos. Interestingly, this is a "family" group - all its members are related to each other. So, Takeoff is Quavo's uncle, and Offset is his nephew.


Early work of Quavo

The future musician was born on April 2, 1991. His real name is Quavius ​​Keyate Marshall. The musician was born in Georgia (USA). The boy grew up in an incomplete family - his father died when Quavius ​​was 4 years old. The boy's mother was a hairdresser. The boy's best friends also lived with them.

Takeoff, Offset and Quavo grew up together and were raised by Quavo's mother. They lived on the border of two states - Georgia and Atlanta. In school years, each and the boys were fond of football. All of them have achieved some success in it. 

Quavo (Kuavo): Biography of the artist
Quavo (Kuavo): Biography of the artist

So, Quavo became one of the best players in high school, but in 2009 he stopped playing in the school team. Around the same time, he became actively interested in music. It so happened that his uncle and nephew also shared this passion. So, in 2008, the trio Migos was founded.

Participation in a trio

Polo Club - the original name of the team. It was under this name that the guys had their first few performances. However, over time, this name seemed unsuitable for them, and they replaced it with Migos. 

For the first three years of its existence, the beginning musicians were looking for their own style. They experimented with rap as best they could. Moreover, the beginning of their career fell on a period when hip-hop was undergoing tremendous changes. 

Hard street hip-hop was replaced by a softer and more electronic sound. The musicians quickly picked up the wave of nascent trap and began to make a lot of music in this style. However, it took years to achieve popularity.

The first full release came out only in 2011. Prior to this, young musicians released individual tracks and video clips on YouTube. Nevertheless, three years after the first recorded track, the rappers decided to release a full-length release.

Boys first album

But it was not an album, but a mixtape (a release that was made using someone else's music and has a simpler approach to creation than an album). "Juug Season" is the title of the band's first release, released in August 2011. The release was received quite warmly by the audience. 

Quavo (Kuavo): Biography of the artist
Quavo (Kuavo): Biography of the artist

However, the rappers were in no hurry with the next work and returned only a year later. And it was again a mixtape called "No Label". It was released in the summer of 2012. 

At this time, a new trend gradually appeared - not to release albums and large-format releases, but singles. The singles were more popular with the audience and sold out much faster. Migos also felt this "fashion" - both of their mixtapes did not become popular. 

Single "Versace" 

But the single "Versace", released literally six months later, "blew up" the music market. The song was noticed not only by listeners, but also by the stars of the American rap scene. In particular, Drake, already widely known then, made his own remix for the song, which contributed to the popularization of the song and the group as a whole. The song itself did not take special positions in the American charts, but the remix received recognition. The song hit the legendary Billboard Hot 100 and reached number 31 there. 

In the same year, Quavo began to stand out as a solo artist as well. He also released singles that were moderately popular, and one of them - "Champions" became a real hit in the USA. It also charted on Billboard. It was Quavo's first song to hit the charts.

Quavo (Kuavo): Biography of the artist
Quavo (Kuavo): Biography of the artist

Yung Rich Nation is the band's first studio album, released in 2015, two years after their first successful single. Versace managed to spark interest in the release, despite the fact that the band's barely acquired fans had been waiting for it for two years. Nevertheless, the album was released, and the listeners liked it. 

However, it was too early to talk about world popularity. The situation changed in 2017 with the release of Culture. It was a victory for young musicians. The disc climbed to the top of the US Billboard 200.

Quavo's parallel solo career

Simultaneously with the success of the group, Quavo becomes known as a solo artist. Other popular musicians began to actively invite him to participate in their recordings. In particular, Travis Scott said in an interview that he has a whole album of songs with Quavo.

In 2017, a number of successful singles were released, one of which even became the soundtrack for the next sequel to the famous film Fast and the Furious. The following year was marked by the successful release of "Culture 2" and a number of solo singles. 


It was followed by the first (so far the only album) "Quavo Huncho". The album was highly acclaimed by critics and received a number of awards. At the moment there is information that Quavo is preparing to release his new record. At the same time, Migos continue to release new releases. Their latest disc, Culture 3, was released in 2021 and became a logical continuation of the sequel. In addition, the musician can often be heard on the records of other famous rap artists (Lil Uzi Vert, Metro Boomin, etc.)

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