The Russian team was founded in the mid-80s. The musicians managed to become a real phenomenon of rock culture. Today, fans enjoy the rich legacy of "Pop Mechanic", and it does not give the right to forget about the existence of the Soviet rock band. Formation of the composition At the time of the creation of "Pop Mechanics" the musicians already had a whole army of competitors. At that time, the idols of the Soviet youth were […]

Avia is a well-known musical group in the Soviet Union (and later in Russia). The main genre of the group is rock, in which you can sometimes hear the influence of punk rock, new wave (new wave) and art rock. Synth-pop has also become one of the styles in which musicians love to work. The early years of the Avia group The group was officially established […]

Chizh & Co is a Russian rock band. The musicians managed to secure the status of superstars. But it took them a little more than two decades. The history of the creation and composition of the group "Chizh & Co" Sergey Chigrakov stands at the origins of the team. The young man was born on the territory of Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region. In adolescence […]