Temple Of the Dog is a one-off project by musicians from Seattle created as a tribute to Andrew Wood, who died as a result of a heroin overdose. The band released a single album in 1991, naming it after their band. During the fledgling days of grunge, the Seattle music scene was characterized by unity and a musical brotherhood of bands. They rather respected […]

Green River formed in 1984 in Seattle under the leadership of Mark Arm and Steve Turner. Both of them played in "Mr. Epp" and "Limp Richerds" up to this point. Alex Vincent was appointed as the drummer, and Jeff Ament was taken as the bassist. To create the name of the group, the guys decided to use the name of the famous […]

Mother Love Bone is a Washington D.C. band formed by former members of two other bands, Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament. They are still considered the founders of the genre. Most of the bands from Seattle were prominent representatives of the grunge scene of that time, and Mother Love Bone was no exception. She performed grunge with elements of glam and […]

Pearl Jam is an American rock band. The group enjoyed huge popularity in the early 1990s. Pearl Jam is one of the few groups in the grunge musical movement. Thanks to the debut album, which the group released in the early 1990s, the musicians gained their first significant popularity. This is a collection of Ten. And now about the Pearl Jam team […]