Alexander Ivanov is known to fans as the leader of the popular Rondo band. In addition, he is a songwriter, composer and musician. His path to glory was a long one. Today Alexander pleases fans of his work with the release of solo works. Behind Ivan is a happy marriage. He brings up two children from his beloved woman. Ivanov's wife - Svetlana […]

Rondo is a Russian rock band that began its musical activity in 1984. Composer and part-time saxophonist Mikhail Litvin became the leader of the musical group. The musicians in a short period of time have accumulated material for the creation of the debut album "Turneps". The composition and history of the creation of the Rondo musical group In 1986, the Rondo group consisted of such […]

Tabula Rasa is one of the most poetic and melodic Ukrainian rock bands, founded in 1989. The Abris group needed a vocalist. Oleg Laponogov responded to an ad posted in the lobby of the Kyiv Theater Institute. The musicians liked the young man's vocal abilities and his outward resemblance to Sting. It was decided to rehearse together. The beginning of a creative career […]