Lube is a musical group from the Soviet Union. Mostly artists perform rock compositions. However, their repertoire is mixed. There is pop rock, folk rock and romance, and most of the songs are patriotic. The history of the creation of the Lube group In the late 1980s, there were significant changes in people's lives, including […]

Rondo is a Russian rock band that began its musical activity in 1984. Composer and part-time saxophonist Mikhail Litvin became the leader of the musical group. The musicians in a short period of time have accumulated material for the creation of the debut album "Turneps". The composition and history of the creation of the Rondo musical group In 1986, the Rondo group consisted of such […]

Ask any adult from Russia and neighboring countries who Nikolai Rastorguev is, then almost everyone will answer that he is the leader of the popular rock band Lube. However, few people know that, in addition to music, he was engaged in political activities, sometimes acted in films, he was awarded the title of People's Artist of the Russian Federation. True, first of all, Nikolai […]