"Flowers" is a Soviet and later Russian rock band that began to storm the scene in the late 1960s. The talented Stanislav Namin stands at the origins of the group. This is one of the most controversial groups in the USSR. The authorities did not like the work of the collective. As a result, they could not block the "oxygen" for the musicians, and the group enriched the discography with a significant number of worthy LPs. […]

The name of the artist during his lifetime is inscribed in golden letters in the history of the development of national rock music. The leader of the pioneers of this genre and the group "Maki" is known not only for musical experiments. Stas Namin is an excellent producer, director, businessman, photographer, artist and teacher. Thanks to this talented and versatile person, more than one popular group has appeared. Stas Namin: Childhood and […]

At the height of perestroika in the West, everything Soviet was fashionable, including in the field of popular music. Even if none of our "variety wizards" managed to achieve star status there, but some people managed to rattle for a short time. Perhaps the most successful in this regard was a group called Gorky Park, or […]