Pop music is very popular today, especially when it comes to Italian music. One of the brightest representatives of this style is Biagio Antonacci. Young guy Biagio Antonacci On November 9, 1963, a boy was born in Milan, who was named Biagio Antonacci. Although he was born in Milan, he lived in the city of Rozzano, which […]

Giusy Ferreri is a famous Italian singer, winner of numerous prizes and awards for achievements in the field of art. She became popular thanks to her talent and ability to work, the desire for success. Childhood diseases Giusy Ferreri Giusy Ferreri was born on April 17, 1979 in the Italian city of Palermo. The future singer was born with a heart condition, so […]

The contribution of the talented musician and composer Lucio Dalla to the development of Italian music cannot be overestimated. "Legend" of the general public is known for the composition "In Memory of Caruso", dedicated to the famous opera vocalist. Connoisseurs of creativity Luccio Dalla is known as the author and performer of his own compositions, a brilliant keyboardist, saxophonist and clarinetist. Childhood and youth Lucio Dalla Lucio Dalla was born on March 4 […]

Singer Diodato is a popular Italian artist, performer of his own songs and author of four studio albums. Despite the fact that Diodato spent the initial part of his career in Switzerland, his work is an excellent example of modern Italian pop music. In addition to natural talent, Antonio has specialized knowledge obtained at one of the leading universities in Rome. Thanks to the unique […]

The Italian surname Lamborghini is associated with cars. This is the merit of Ferruccio, the founder of the company that produced a series of famous sports cars. His granddaughter, Elettra Lamborghini, decided to leave her own mark on the history of the family in her own way. The girl is successfully developing in the field of show business. Elettra Lamborghini is confident that she will achieve the title of superstar. Check out the ambitions of a beauty with a famous name […]

Francesco Gabbani is a famous musician and performer, whose talent is worshiped by millions of people around the world. Childhood and youth of Francesco Gabbani Francesco Gabbani was born on September 9, 1982 in the Italian city of Carrara. The settlement is known to tourists and guests of the country for the deposits of marble, from which many interesting items are made. Childhood boy […]