The group "2 Okean" not so long ago began to storm the Russian show business. The duet creates poignant lyrical compositions. At the origins of the group are Talyshinskaya, who is known to music lovers as a member of the Nepara team, and Vladimir Kurtko. Formation of the team Vladimir Kurtko wrote songs for Russian pop stars until the moment the group was created. He believed that he was not under [...]

A bright performance of one song can immediately make a person famous. And the refusal of an audience with a major official can cost him the end of his career. This is exactly what happened to the talented artist, whose name is Tamara Miansarova. Thanks to the composition "Black Cat", she became popular, and completed her career unexpectedly and with lightning speed. The early childhood of a talented girl […]

Maya Kristalinskaya is a famous Soviet artist, pop song singer. In 1974 she was awarded the title of People's Artist of the RSFSR. Maya Kristalinskaya: Early years The singer has been a native Muscovite all her life. She was born on February 24, 1932 and lived in Moscow all her life. The father of the future singer was an employee of the All-Russian […]