Till Lindemann is a popular German singer, musician, songwriter, and frontman for Rammstein, Lindemann and Na Chui. The artist starred in 8 films. He wrote several collections of poetry. Fans are still surprised how so many talents can be combined in Till. He is an interesting and multifaceted personality. Till combines the image of a daring […]

The beginning of January 2015 was marked by an event in the field of industrial metal - a metal project was created, which included two people - Till Lindemann and Peter Tägtgren. The group was named Lindemann in honor of Till, who turned 4 on the day the group was created (January 52). Till Lindemann is a famous German musician and singer. […]

Svetlana Loboda is a real sex symbol of our time. The name of the performer became known to many thanks to her participation in the Via Gra group. The artist has long left the musical group, at the moment she acts as a solo artist. Today Svetlana is actively developing herself not only as a singer, but also as a designer, writer and director. Her name is often […]