Kuzma Scriabin passed away at the peak of his popularity. In early February 2015, fans were shocked by the news of the death of an idol. He was called the "father" of Ukrainian rock. The showman, producer and leader of the Scriabin group has remained a symbol of Ukrainian music for many. Various rumors still circulate around the death of the artist. Rumor has it that his death is not […]

Zoë Kravitz is a singer, actress and model. She is considered an icon of the new generation. She tried not to PR on the popularity of her parents, but the achievements of her parents still follow her. Her father is the famous musician Lenny Kravitz, and her mother is actress Lisa Bonet. Zoe Kravitz's childhood and youth The artist's date of birth is […]

Circus Mircus is a Georgian progressive rock band. The guys "make" cool experimental tracks by mixing many genres. Each member of the group puts a drop of life experience into the texts, which makes the compositions of "Circus Mirkus" worthy of attention. Reference: Progressive rock is a style of rock music which is characterized by the complication of musical forms and the enrichment of rock through […]

Taras Topolya is a Ukrainian singer, musician, volunteer, leader of the Antitila. During his creative career, the artist, together with his team, has released several worthy LPs, as well as an impressive number of clips and singles. The group's repertoire consists of compositions mainly in Ukrainian. Taras Topolya, as the ideological inspirer of the band, writes lyrics and performs […]

Zdob și Zdub is the most famous and influential rock band in Moldova. The hard scene of Moldova literally rests on the guys who lead the group. In the CIS countries, rockers received recognition for creating a cover for the track "Saw the Night" by the rock band "Kino". In 2022, it turned out that Zdob si Zdub will represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest. But fans […]

Intelligent Music Project is a supergroup with a volatile line-up. In 2022, the team intends to represent Bulgaria at Eurovision. Reference: Supergroup is a term that appeared at the end of the 60s of the last century to describe rock bands, all of whose members have already become widely known as part of other bands, or as solo performers. History of creation and composition […]