Chris Cornell (Chris Cornell) - singer, musician, composer. During his short life, he was a member of three cult bands - Soundgarden, Audioslave, Temple of the Dog. Chris' creative path began with the fact that he sat down at the drum set. Later, he changed his profile, realizing himself as a vocalist and guitarist. His path to popularity […]

Temple Of the Dog is a one-off project by musicians from Seattle created as a tribute to Andrew Wood, who died as a result of a heroin overdose. The band released a single album in 1991, naming it after their band. During the fledgling days of grunge, the Seattle music scene was characterized by unity and a musical brotherhood of bands. They rather respected […]

Soundgarden is an American band operating in six major musical genres. These are: alternative, hard and stoner rock, grunge, heavy and alternative metal. The hometown of the quartet is Seattle. In this locality of America in 1984, one of the most odious rock bands was created. They offered their fans rather mysterious music. The tracks are […]

Audioslave is a cult band made up of former Rage Against the Machine instrumentalists Tom Morello (guitarist), Tim Commerford (bass guitarist and accompanying vocals) and Brad Wilk (drums), as well as Chris Cornell (vocals). The prehistory of the cult team began back in 2000. It was then from the group Rage Against The Machine […]