Vivienne Mort is one of the brightest Ukrainian indie pop bands. D. Zayushkina is the leader and founder of the group. Now the team has several full-length LPs, an impressive number of mini-LPs, live and bright video clips. In addition, Vivienne Mort was one step away from receiving the Shevchenko Prize in the Musical Art nomination. The team recently […]

Damiano David is an Italian singer, member of the Maneskin band, composer. 2021 turned Damiano's life upside down. Firstly, the group in which he sings won first place at the international song contest Eurovision, and secondly, David became an idol, a sex symbol, a rebel for most of the youth. Childhood and adolescence Date of birth […]

Singer Kora is undoubtedly a legend of Polish rock music. Rock singer and songwriter, in 1976-2008 the vocalist of the musical group "Maanam" ("Maanam") is considered one of the most charismatic and prominent figures in the history of Polish rock. Her style, both in life and in music. No one has been able to copy, much less surpass. Revolutionary […]

Lesley Roy is a performer of sensual tracks, an Irish singer, a representative of the Eurovision international song contest in 2021. Back in 2020, it became known that she would represent Ireland at the prestigious competition. But due to the current situation in the world caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the event had to be postponed for a year. Childhood and adolescence She […]

Royal Blood is a popular British rock band that formed in 2013. The duo creates music in the best traditions of garage rock and blues rock. The group became known to domestic music lovers not so long ago. A few years ago, the guys performed at the Morse club-fest in St. Petersburg. The duet brought the audience with half a turn. Journalists wrote that in 2019 […]

Purgen is a Soviet and later Russian group, which was formed at the end of the 80s of the last century. The musicians of the band "make" music in the style of hardcore punk/crossover thrash. History of creation and composition of the team At the origins of the team are Purgen and Chikatilo. The musicians lived in the capital of Russia. After they met, they were fired up with the desire to “put together” their own project. Ruslan Gvozdev (Purgen) […]