Adam Levine is one of the most popular pop artists of our time. In addition, the artist is the frontman of the Maroon 5 band. According to People magazine, in 2013 Adam Levine was recognized as the sexiest man on the planet. The American singer and actor was definitely born under a "lucky star". Childhood and youth Adam Levine Adam Noah Levine was born on […]

Primus is an American alternative metal band formed in the mid-1980s. At the origins of the group is the talented vocalist and bass player Les Claypool. The regular guitarist is Larry Lalonde. Throughout their creative career, the team managed to work with several drummers. But I recorded compositions only with a trio: Tim "Herb" Alexander, Brian "Brian" […]

The Velvet Underground is an American rock band from the United States of America. The musicians stood at the very origins of alternative and experimental rock music. Despite a significant contribution to the development of rock music, the band's albums did not sell very well. But those who bought the collections either became fans of the “collective” forever, or created their own rock band. Music critics do not deny [...]