Megapolis is a rock band that was founded at the end of the 80s of the last century. The formation and development of the group took place on the territory of Moscow. The debut appearance in public took place in the 87th year of the last century. Today, rockers are met no less warmly than since the moment they first appeared on the stage. Group "Megapolis": how it all began Today Oleg […]

Leap Summer is a rock band from the USSR. The talented guitarist-vocalist Alexander Sitkovetsky and keyboardist Chris Kelmi stand at the origins of the group. The musicians created their brainchild in 1972. The team existed on the heavy music scene for only 7 years. Despite this, the musicians managed to leave a mark in the hearts of fans of heavy music. The band's tracks […]

At the origins of the Soviet and Russian rock band "Sounds of Mu" is the talented Pyotr Mamonov. In the compositions of the collective, the everyday theme dominates. In different periods of creativity, the band touched upon such genres as psychedelic rock, post-punk and lo-fi. The team regularly changed its line-up, to the point that Pyotr Mamonov remained the only member of the group. The frontman was recruiting, could […]