The American rock band Rival Sons is a real find for all fans of the style of Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Bad Company and The Black Crowes. The team, which authored 6 records, is distinguished by the huge talent of all the participants present. The world fame of the Californian line-up is confirmed by multimillion-dollar auditions, systematic hits in the tops of international charts, as well as […]

Lube is a musical group from the Soviet Union. Mostly artists perform rock compositions. However, their repertoire is mixed. There is pop rock, folk rock and romance, and most of the songs are patriotic. The history of the creation of the Lube group In the late 1980s, there were significant changes in people's lives, including […]

Classic rock of the 1990s gave vocalist Josh Brown a muse, voice and incredible fame. To date, his group Day of Fire is the successor to the ideas of inspiration that have visited the artist for several decades. The powerful hard rock album Losing All (2010) revealed the true meaning behind the rebirth of classic heavy metal. Biography of Josh Brown Future […]