Takeoff is an American rap artist, lyricist, and musician. They call him the king of trap. He gained worldwide popularity as a member of the top group Migos. The trio sounds cool together, but this does not prevent rappers from creating solo as well. Reference: Trap is a subgenre of hip-hop that originated in the late 90s in the American South. Menacing, cold, warlike […]

Three 6 Mafia is one of the most popular bands in Memphis, Tennessee. The band members have become true legends of southern rap. Years of activity came in the 90s. Three 6 Mafia members are the "fathers" of trap. Fans of "street music" can find some of the works under other creative pseudonyms: Backyard Posse, Da Mafia 6ix, […]

Metox is a Russian rap artist who, over a short creative career, sat down to “make some noise”. He is the author of the most authentic rap album of 2020. By the way, Metoks dedicated a full-length LP to his time in prison (more on that later). Childhood and youth years of the artist Almost nothing is known about the childhood and youth years of Alexei (the real name of the rap artist). […]

Yung Trappa is a Russian rap artist and lyricist. For a short creative career, the singer managed to release several worthy long-plays and clips. He is well-known not only thanks to cool musical works, but also not the “cleanest” reputation. Not so long ago, he had already served time in places of deprivation of liberty, but in 2021 […]