Achille Lauro is an Italian singer and lyricist. His name is known to music lovers who "thrive" from the sound of trap (a subgenre of hip-hop dating back to the late 90s - note Salve Music) and hip-hop. The provocative and flamboyant singer will represent San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022. By the way, this year the event will take place […]

$asha Tab is a Ukrainian singer, musician, lyricist. He is associated as an ex-member of the Back Flip group. Not so long ago, Alexander Slobodyanik (real name of the artist) began a solo career. He managed to record a track with the Kalush group and Skofka, as well as release a full-length LP. Childhood and youth of Alexander Slobodyanik Date of birth of the artist - […]

Back somersault is a popular team that was formed on the territory of Ukraine. The band members are united by their love for Jamaican music. Their tracks are "seasoned" with rap, funk and electronica. In 2022, the former vocalist of "Back Flip" Sasha Tab - took part in the recording of the track "Sonyachna" (the recitative of the rapper Skofka and the Kalush group is heard on the verses). Vocalist "Salto […]

Zebra Katz is an American rap artist, designer, and the main figure of American gay rap. He was talked about loudly in 2012, after the artist's track was played at the fashion show of the famous designer. He has collaborated with Busta Rhymes and Gorillaz. The Brooklyn queer rap icon insists that "limitations are only in the head and need to be broken." He […]

Three 6 Mafia is one of the most popular bands in Memphis, Tennessee. The band members have become true legends of southern rap. Years of activity came in the 90s. Three 6 Mafia members are the "fathers" of trap. Fans of "street music" can find some of the works under other creative pseudonyms: Backyard Posse, Da Mafia 6ix, […]