Daron Malakian is one of the most talented and famous musicians of our time. The artist began his conquest of the musical Olympus with the bands System of a Down and Scarson Broadway. Childhood and youth Daron was born on July 18, 1975 in Hollywood to an Armenian family. At one time, my parents emigrated from Iran to the United States of America. […]

System of a Down is an iconic metal band based in Glendale. By 2020, the band's discography includes several dozen albums. A significant part of the records received the status of "platinum", and all thanks to the high circulation of sales. The group has fans in every corner of the planet. The most interesting thing is that the musicians who are part of the band are Armenian […]

Scars on Broadway is an American rock band created by the experienced musicians of System of a Down. The guitarist and drummer of the group have been creating "side" projects for a long time, recording joint tracks outside the main group, but there was no serious "promotion". Despite this, both the band's existence and the solo project of System of a Down vocalist […]