The rock group Okean Elzy became famous thanks to a talented performer, songwriter and successful musician, whose name is Svyatoslav Vakarchuk. The presented team, together with Svyatoslav, gathers full halls and stadiums of fans of his work. The songs written by Vakarchuk are designed for a diverse genre audience. Both young people and music lovers of the older generation come to his concerts. […]

Esthetic Education is a rock band from Ukraine. She has worked in areas such as alternative rock, indie rock and Britpop. The composition of the team: Yu. Khustochka played bass, acoustic and simple guitars. He was also a backing vocalist; Dmitry Shurov played keyboard instruments, vibraphone, mandolin. The same member of the team was engaged in programming, harmonium, percussion and metallophone; […]

Okean Elzy is a Ukrainian rock band whose “age” is already well over 20 years old. The composition of the musical group is constantly changing. But the permanent vocalist of the group is the Honored Artist of Ukraine Vyacheslav Vakarchuk. The Ukrainian musical group took the top of Olympus back in 1994. The Okean Elzy team has its old loyal fans. Interestingly, the work of musicians is very […]