Information about the creation of the Syabry team appeared in newspapers in 1972. However, the first performances were only a few years after that. In the city of Gomel, in the local philharmonic society, the idea arose of creating a polyphonic stage group. The name of this group was proposed by one of its soloists Anatoly Yarmolenko, who had previously performed in the Souvenir ensemble. IN […]

"Skomorokhi" is a rock band from the Soviet Union. At the origins of the group is already a well-known personality, and then the schoolboy Alexander Gradsky. At the time of the creation of the group, Gradsky was only 16 years old. In addition to Alexander, the group included several other musicians, namely drummer Vladimir Polonsky and keyboardist Alexander Buinov. Initially, the musicians rehearsed […]

Alexander Gradsky is a versatile person. He is talented not only in music, but also in poetry. Alexander Gradsky is, without exaggeration, the "father" of rock in Russia. But among other things, this is a People's Artist of the Russian Federation, as well as the owner of a number of prestigious state awards that were awarded for outstanding services in the field of theatrical, musical […]