Klava Koka is a talented singer who was able to prove with her biography that nothing is impossible for a person who seeks to reach the top of the musical Olympus. Klava Koka is the most ordinary girl who does not have wealthy parents and useful connections behind her. In a short period of time, the singer was able to achieve popularity and became part of […]

Arthur Pirozhkov, aka Alexander Revva, without much modesty, calls himself the most handsome man on the planet. Alexander Revva created the seductive macho Arthur Pirozhkov, and got used to the image so much that music lovers simply had no chance of “winning”. Each clip and song of Pirozhkov is gaining millions of views in a few days. From cars, houses, […]

Zemfira is a Russian rock singer, author of lyrics, music and just a talented person. She laid the foundation for a direction in music that music experts have defined as "female rock". Her song "Do you want?" became a real hit. For a long time she occupied the 1st position in the charts of her favorite tracks. At one time, Ramazanova became a world-class star. Before […]