"Mirage" is a well-known Soviet band, at one time "tearing" all discos. In addition to the huge popularity, there were many difficulties associated with changing the composition of the group. The composition of the Mirage group In 1985, talented musicians decided to create an amateur group "Activity Zone". The main direction was the performance of songs in the style of new wave - an unusual and […]

Rondo is a Russian rock band that began its musical activity in 1984. Composer and part-time saxophonist Mikhail Litvin became the leader of the musical group. The musicians in a short period of time have accumulated material for the creation of the debut album "Turneps". The composition and history of the creation of the Rondo musical group In 1986, the Rondo group consisted of such […]

About 15 years ago, the charming Natalya Vetlitskaya disappeared from the horizon. The singer lit her star in the early 90s. During this period, the blonde was practically on everyone's lips - they talked about her, listened to her, they wanted to be like her. The songs "Soul", "But just don't tell me" and "Look into the eyes" […]