Christian Ohman is a Polish singer, musician, and lyricist. In 2022, after the National Selection for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, it became known that the artist will represent Poland at one of the most anticipated musical events of the year. Recall that Christian go to the Italian city of Turin. At Eurovision, he intends to present a piece of music River. Baby and […]

Emma Muscat is a sensual artist, songwriter and model from Malta. She is called the Maltese style icon. Emma uses her velvet voice as a tool to show her feelings. On stage, the artist feels light and at ease. In 2022, she had the opportunity to represent her country at the Eurovision Song Contest. Please note that the event […]

Elina Chaga is a Russian singer and composer. Large-scale fame came to her after participating in the Voice project. The artist regularly releases "juicy" tracks. Some fans love to watch Elina's amazing external transformations. Elina Akhyadova's childhood and youth The artist's date of birth is May 20, 1993. Elina spent her childhood on […]

Every music lover is familiar with the work of the famous Soviet and Russian composer and producer Viktor Yakovlevich Drobysh. He wrote music for many domestic performers. The list of his clients includes the Primadonna herself and other famous Russian performers. Viktor Drobysh is also known for his harsh comments about artists. He is one of the richest […]

STEFAN is a popular musician and singer. From year to year he proved that he deserved to represent Estonia at the international song contest. In 2022, his cherished dream came true - he will go to Eurovision. Recall that this year the event, thanks to the victory of the Maneskin group, will be held in Turin, Italy. Childhood and youth […]

Yulia Ray is a Ukrainian performer, lyricist, musician. She loudly declared herself back in the "zero" years. At that time, the singer's tracks were sung, if not by the whole country, then definitely by the representatives of the weaker sex. The most trendy track of that time was called "Richka". The work hit the hearts of Ukrainian music lovers. The composition is also known […]