Michael Soul did not achieve the desired recognition in Belarus. In his native country, his talent was not appreciated. But Ukrainian music lovers appreciate the Belarusian so much that he became a finalist in the National Selection for Eurovision. Mikhail Sosunov's childhood and youth The artist was born in early January 1997 on the territory of Brest (Belarus). Mikhail Sosunov (real […]

Jeremie Makiese is a Belgian singer and soccer player. He gained popularity after participating in the musical project The Voice Belgique. In 2021 he became the winner of the show. In 2022, it became known that Jeremy will represent Belgium at the Eurovision international music contest. Recall that this year the event will be held in Italy. Unlike […]

Barleben is a Ukrainian singer, musician, ATO veteran and captain of the Security Service of Ukraine (in the past). He stands up for everything Ukrainian, and also, in principle, he does not sing in Russian. Despite his love for everything Ukrainian, Alexander Barleben loves soul, and he really wants this style of music to resonate with Ukrainian […]

Everyone who is familiar with the singer's work is convinced that Svetlana Lazareva is one of the best artists of the late 90s. She is known as the constant soloist of the group with the famous name "Blue Bird". You could also see the star in the television program "Morning Mail" as a host. The public loves her for her honesty and sincerity as […]

Gorim! - a project that managed to make a lot of noise on the Ukrainian stage. In 2022, it was revealed that Gorim! received an invitation to take part in the National selection "Eurovision". The history of the creation of the Gorim project! The origins of the project are friends from Kharkov - sound engineer Pavel Zelenov, as well as vocalist and author of musical works - Viktor Nikiforov. The last one […]