George Harrison is a British guitarist, singer, songwriter and film producer. He is one of the members of The Beatles. During his career he became the author of many of the best-selling songs. In addition to music, Harrison acted in films, was interested in Hindu spirituality and was an adherent of the Hare Krishna movement. Childhood and youth of George Harrison George Harrison […]

In the history of rock music, there have been many creative alliances that have had the honorary title of "Supergroup". The Traveling Wilburys can be called a supergroup in a square or a cube. It's an amalgamation of geniuses who were all rock legends: Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, George Harrison, Jeff Lynne and Tom Petty. The Traveling Wilburys: the puzzle is […]

The Beatles are the greatest band of all time. Musicologists talk about it, numerous fans of the ensemble are sure of it. And indeed it is. No other performer of the XNUMXth century achieved such success on both sides of the ocean and did not have a similar impact on the development of modern art. No musical group has […]