Under the pseudonym Jony, a singer with Azerbaijani roots Jahid Huseynov (Huseynli) is known in the Russian pop firmament. The uniqueness of this artist is that he gained his popularity not on the stage, but thanks to the World Wide Web. The million army of fans on YouTube today is no surprise to anyone. Childhood and youth Jahid Huseynova Singer […]

Matvey Melnikov, better known under the pseudonym Mot, is one of the most popular Russian pop artists. Since the beginning of 2013, the singer has been a member of the Black Star Inc label. The main hits of Mot are the tracks "Soprano", "Solo", "Kapkan". Childhood and youth of Matvey Melnikov Of course, Mot is a creative pseudonym. Under the stage name, Matvey is hiding […]