Victor Drobysh: Biography of the composer

Every music lover is familiar with the work of the famous Soviet and Russian composer and producer Viktor Yakovlevich Drobysh. He wrote music for many domestic performers. The list of his clients includes the Primadonna herself and other famous Russian performers. Viktor Drobysh is also known for his harsh comments about artists. He is one of the richest producers. The productivity of unwinding the stars of Viktor Yakovlevich just rolls over. All the singers who work with him periodically become the owners of the most prestigious music awards.


The young years of the artist

The artist's parents are from Belarus, but the boy spent his childhood in St. Petersburg, where he was born in the summer of 1966. Viktor's family was average, without special privileges and earnings. But it was enough for a comfortable life. Victor's father was engaged in turning business, mother is a doctor of one of the district hospitals. From childhood, the boy was interested in music, not so much in singing as in playing musical instruments. When little Victor was five years old, he asked his parents to buy him a piano. By the standards of that time, a musical instrument cost as much as a good car. The mother was categorically against it. The father, on the other hand, borrowed the money and, in spite of everything, fulfilled his son's dream.

Musical art training

Victor Drobysh sat for hours on end at the piano and taught himself to play. Parents, who disappeared at work all the time, could not take the child to a music school. One fine day, six-year-old Vitya himself went there and asked to be enrolled as a student. At first, the boy was completely absorbed in music. But a few years later he began to get involved in football, dreamed of conquering space or becoming a famous inventor. But dad stood his ground and argued that his son should receive a musical education. As a result, the guy graduated with honors from a music school and in 1981 successfully passed the entrance exams to the St. Petersburg Conservatory.

Viktor Drobysh and the group "Earthlings"

Victor Drobysh began his creative activity as a pop performer. A handsome, athletic blonde with blue eyes was invited to work in the group "Landing' as a keyboardist. For several years, the novice musician traveled with the team throughout the Soviet Union. But soon the "Earthlings" broke up. Guitarist Igor Romanov (who took Drobysh into the group) decided not to despair and suggested that Drobysh create a new team. Victor supported the idea of ​​a friend. So a new musical project called "Union" appeared.

Victor Drobysh: Biography of the composer
Victor Drobysh: Biography of the composer

The group toured not only around the country. The participants even managed to travel abroad with concerts. Especially often they were invited to Germany, where Drobysh managed to make necessary and useful contacts with influential people from show business.

Creativity Drobysh abroad

At the end of 1996, Drobysh and several of his close friends moved to Germany. The decision was not easy, but there were completely different opportunities for the guys. Victor begins to engage in production activities. The musician did it quite well. After some time, Victor produced several German musical groups. Among them is the popular Culturelle Beat band, as well as other bands. 

Drobysh did not want to develop further musical activity in Germany. He went to Finland. Using already some fame, the man easily got a job at the Russian-Finnish radio station Sputnik, and in the future he headed it, becoming vice president. Also in this country, Drobysh became famous for his hit "Da-Di-Dam". And in Germany, this track even received one of the most prestigious music awards - the Golden Disc.

Invitation to the Russian "Star Factory"

Viktor Drobysh reappears in Russian show business in 2004. A friend in the shop, Igor Krutoy, invited him to participate in the Star Factory 4 TV project. Drobysh agreed, and was so imbued with participation and sympathy for young talents that after the completion of the project he created an author's production center. The purpose of its creation is to help novice singers, among whom were also project participants. 

After two years, the artist led this show. He took over as general producer of Star Factory 6. In 2010, he created the well-known National Music Corporation. The organization led by the musician often publicly quarreled with the so-called show business sharks, defending the rights of young performers. Due to such a quarrel (defending the Chelsea group), Drobysh was forced to leave the TV project Star Factory.

The return of Drobysh to his homeland

Since 2002, Viktor Drobysh has been working with domestic stars again. Distance does not go hand in hand with fruitful cooperation. Therefore, the musician decides to move to Russia. At first, he writes music for the daughter of Primadonna and Valeria. The songs immediately become hits. Gradually, the stars begin to line up for a talented person. Fyodor Chaliapin, Stas Piekha, Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalya Podolskaya also begin cooperation with Drobysh. In 2012 Russia takes the second position at Eurovision. "Buranovskiye Babushki" performed the song "Party for Everybody" written by Viktor there.

The young singer Alexander Ivanov, who performs under the stage name IVAN, has become the next ward of Drobysh the producer since 2015. It is worth noting that the mentor is actively working on the promotion of a new project. IVAN's songs are really popular. In 2016, the young singer also took part in Eurovision, but only from the country of Belarus.

Next projects

A celebrity never stands still and really tries to develop the national musical culture. Since 2017, he has been producing the TV project "New Star Factory". And next year, the artist opens an online academy, unique in its shooting range, called "Star Formuza". Here he teaches young performers the basics and wisdom of the development of creative activity. Academy students independently create music tracks and learn how to promote them. Well-known Russian stars - singers, actors, producers - act as lecturers and tutors here.

In 2019, Drobysh organized a grand solo concert of his friend, Nikolai Noskov. The singer did not appear on stage for a long time due to a stroke.

Victor Drobysh: Biography of the composer
Victor Drobysh: Biography of the composer

Viktor Drobysh: scandals and court cases

The artist is known for his harsh statements towards some stars. For a long time, the media watched the trial between Drobysh and Nastasya Samburskaya, who signed a contract with the composer's production center. The actress and singer filed a lawsuit against Drobysh and accused him of inaction regarding her promotion. After several court hearings, Samburskaya was denied satisfaction of her demands (return of money and termination of the contract). Subsequently, the producer filed a counterclaim, demanding from Nastasya the return of 12 million rubles, which he spent on promoting her project.

In 2017, on one of the channels, Drobysh commented on the activities of Olga Buzova. He believes that she does not have a voice, charisma and artistry. The artist did not react to the offensive words in any way, she simply asked the composer on her Instagram not to gain popularity due to her activities.   

Victor Drobysh: Biography of the composer
Victor Drobysh: Biography of the composer

Viktor Drobysh: personal life

The celebrity does not hide his life, not related to music, but he does not try to advertise much either. It is known that at this time Drobysh lives with his wife in his country house near Moscow. Like a real Russian man, Victor is passionate about hockey, as well as football.

As for relationships, Drobysh is married for the second time. The first wife of the composer was a creative person - the poetess Elena Stuf. The woman was a native of Finland. It is worth noting that Victor entered the status of her husband at a fairly early age - 20 years old. The couple had two sons - Valery and Ivan. When her husband was in Finland, Elena supported her husband in every possible way in terms of developing her work. But after Victor returned to Moscow, the couple's relationship went wrong. According to the former spouses themselves, they did not pass the test of distance. In 2004 they officially divorced. But at this time, Victor and Elena are friends. Their common sons work together with Drobysh.

Victor met his current wife Tatyana Nusinova three years after the divorce. They met through mutual friends. Feelings covered the composer so much that after several weeks of romantic meetings, he offered the girl a hand and a heart. The couple also had children - son Daniel and daughter Lydia. Tanya also has a son from her first marriage. According to his wife, Drobysh is an ideal family man, a caring husband and a good father who brings to life all the whims of his children. 

Viktor Drobysh now

It should be noted that Drobysh is the most media personality. It can be seen in the mass of television musical projects. He either produces them, or acts as a judge, coach or participant. Many TV shows are queuing up for an artist to be a guest. 

In the program "My Hero" (2020), Viktor Yakovlevich gave a frank interview, where not only creative, but also personal topics were touched upon. Soon he appeared before the audience as a judge in the popular musical project "Superstar".


In 2021, in the program "The Fate of a Man", the composer very emotionally thanked Alla Pugacheva for her help at the beginning of his creative path. The composer's wife was also present at the program, and she also told a lot of interesting facts about her husband.

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