Elina Chaga (Elina Akhyadova): Biography of the singer

Elina Chaga is a Russian singer and composer. Large-scale fame came to her after participating in the Voice project. The artist regularly releases "juicy" tracks. Some fans love to watch Elina's amazing external transformations.


Elina Akhyadova's childhood and youth

The artist's date of birth is May 20, 1993. Elina spent her childhood in the village of Kushchevskaya (Russia). In her interviews, she speaks warmly of the place where she met her childhood. It is also known that she has a brother and a sister.

Parents tried to develop their daughter to the maximum. Perhaps that is why she discovered her singing talent at such a young age. Akhyadova began singing in the children's ensemble "Firefly" when she was barely 3 years old. She was not afraid of speaking in public. Elina confidently kept herself on stage.

When she turned 4, her parents sent her daughter to the preparatory group of the local music school. The teachers were sure that Elina would have good results in the musical field.

Over time, she began to storm song contests. At the age of 11, Elya appeared on the stage "Song of the Year". Then the event was held in sunny Anapa. Despite the good performance and the support of the audience, the girl took 2nd place.

As a teenager, her cherished dream came true - she applied for participation in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. She managed to become a member of the project. Before the judges, Elina presented a track of her own composition. Alas, she did not go beyond the semi-finals.

By the way, Chaga is not a creative pseudonym of the performer, but the surname of her grandmother. When the girl received a passport, she decided to take the name of a relative. “Chaga sounded cool,” the singer said.

Education of Elina Chaga

After graduating from a music and secondary school, she went to receive a specialized education at the College of Arts, which was geographically located in Rostov. The artist gave preference to the faculty of pop-jazz vocals.

After moving, she quickly realized that in a small town she would not be able to loudly declare her talent. Elya decided to move to Moscow.

In the metropolis, the girl continued to “storm” contests and projects. During this period of time, she appeared in "Factor-A". At the show, the artist performed a piece of music of her own composition. Lolita and Alla Pugacheva praised Chaga for her efforts, but despite this, she did not pass the casting.

Participation of the artist Elina Chaga in the project "Voice"

In 2012, she applied to participate in the rating Russian project "Voice". Chaga was full of strength and confidence, but it soon became clear that the recruitment of participants was over. The organizers of the event invited Elya to attend the "blind auditions" in a year. 2013 turned out to be much more successful for her in all respects.

Chaga presented the piece Mercy by the popular singer Duffy to the jury and the audience. Her number impressed two judges at once - the singer Pelageya and the singer Leonid Agutin. Chaga trusted her inner feelings. She went to Agutin's team. Alas, she did not manage to become the finalist of the "Voice".

Elina Chaga (Elina Akhyadova): Biography of the singer
Elina Chaga (Elina Akhyadova): Biography of the singer

The creative path of Elina Chaga

After participating in the Voice project, Leonid Agutin became interested in her person. An ordinary girl from the province managed to sign a contract with the artist's production company. From that moment on, her life turned 360 degrees - filming clips, releasing long plays and performing in crowded "fans" halls.

Soon she presented musical works, the author of words and music of which was Leonid Agutin. We are talking about the compositions “Tea with sea buckthorn”, “Fly down”, “The sky is you”, “I will perish”.

On the wave of popularity, the premiere of the tracks "Dream", "No way out", "Teach me to fly" took place. Chaga recorded the last song together with Anton Belyaev. In 2016, the premiere of the compositions “Flew Down”, “Neither I, nor You”, and in 2017 - “The Sky is You”, “I’m Lost” and “February” took place.

A couple of years later, a full-length album was released. Longplay with the spicy name "Kama Sutra" was warmly received by the "fans". The album was topped by 12 tracks.

In 2019, she went on a free voyage. Her contract with Agutin ended. Celebrities did not renew their cooperation. Her first independent work was released in 2020. Chaga recorded the track "Driver".

Elina Chaga: details of the artist's personal life

Cooperation with Leonid Agutin gave the media a reason to spread "dirty" rumors. It was rumored that between the artists is not just a working relationship. Journalists saw in Elina - Angelica Varum in her youth (the official wife of Leonid Agutin - note Salve Music).

“Leonid Nikolaevich and I coincide in musical tastes and views on creativity. I can say that we really enjoy working together. Sometimes we can discuss stylistic moments for a long time, but this is a creative process, ”said the artist.

Chaga assured that there was no relationship with Agutin and could not be. Some unofficial sources have indicated that she is dating Nodar Revia. The singer herself did not confirm the information about a possible relationship with a young man.

Interesting facts about the singer

  • The secret of her beauty is good sleep, healthy eating and sports.
  • Elina is accused of plastic surgery. But, Chaga herself denies that she resorted to the services of surgeons. Although in some photos it is noticeable that the shape of the artist's nose has changed.
  • The growth of the artist is 165 centimeters.

Elina Chaga: our days

Elina Chaga (Elina Akhyadova): Biography of the singer
Elina Chaga (Elina Akhyadova): Biography of the singer

The artist continues to create and delight fans with performances. Not so long ago, she received several offers to join popular bands. Chaga decided for herself that she was closer to working alone.


In 2021 Chaga, she took part in the recording of the track "I forgot". Soon she presented the work "Leave it for later" and the EP-album "LD" ("Personal Diary"). 2022 was marked by the release of the musical work "Pull".

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