Kuzma Skryabin (Andrey Kuzmenko): Biography of the artist

Kuzma Scriabin passed away at the peak of his popularity. In early February 2015, fans were shocked by the news of the death of an idol. He was called the "father" of Ukrainian rock.


The showman, producer and leader of the Scriabin group has remained a symbol of Ukrainian music for many. Various rumors still circulate around the death of the artist. Rumor has it that his death was not accidental, and perhaps there was a place for political squabbles in it.

Childhood and youth

The artist's date of birth is August 17, 1968. He was born in the small town of Sambir (Lviv region, Ukraine). Andrey from early childhood absorbed the sound of "correct" music, but was not going to master the creative profession.

Olga Kuzmenko (Scriabin's mother - note Salve Music) worked as a music teacher. It was with great pleasure that she opened the “door” to the musical world for her son. Olga Mikhailovna lived for music. She traveled to colorful Ukrainian cities, collecting folk songs and recording them on a tape recorder.

The artist's father, Viktor Kuzmenko, has nothing to do with creativity. But, despite this, he taught his son the main thing - honesty and decency. Parents for Andrei have always been a great example. Even in his youth, he wanted to build the same strong and decent family in which he was brought up. Looking ahead, I want to say that he succeeded.

From the age of 8, the guy began to attend a music school. He played the piano, but at the same time, he was interested in the sound of other instruments. At school, Andrey was not an excellent student, but he was not a "back pass" either.

After some time, the family moved to Novoyavorivsk. Parents who understood the importance of a foreign language sent their son to a school with in-depth study of English. During this period of time, Andrei was also involved in sports. He even got CCM.

The guy perfectly knew the Polish language, so he loved to listen to the radio, which was broadcasting from a neighboring country - Poland. At a time when it was not so easy to get acquainted with something foreign in the Soviet Union, Polish radio stations were like a breath of “fresh air”. He became interested in punk rock, which eventually transformed into new wave. But, then, music was not yet part of Kuzmenko's plans.

Kuzma Skryabin (Andrey Kuzmenko): Biography of the artist
Kuzma Skryabin (Andrey Kuzmenko): Biography of the artist

Reference: New wave is one of the musical trends. Note that this term refers to various genres of rock music that arose in the sunset of the 70s. New wave - "broke" stylistically and ideologically with previous genres of rock.

Education Andrey Kuzmenko

After leaving school, he went to Lviv to enter the medical university. Andrei dreamed of a career as a neurologist. Alas, he did not enter the desired educational institution.

The young man was forced to go to college. Scriabin mastered the profession of a plasterer. Andrei did not want to say goodbye to his dream, and therefore became a student at the State University of Petrozavodsk. After studying for a year, he was taken into the army. But, he still managed to get a diploma of "dentist". By profession, the young man did not work even a day.

The creative path of Kuzma Scriabin

Kuzma's creative path began in his youth. With his school friend, the artist "put together" a duet. The guys performed tracks in the style of punk. By the way, the author of almost all the compositions in the team was Andrey.

In parallel with this, he was listed as a member of several more little-known Ukrainian groups. During this period of time, he composes musical works and performs at small concert venues.

At the end of the 80s, together with like-minded artists, the artist “put together” the project “Scriabin". In addition to Kuzma, the newly-minted group included: Rostislav Domishevsky, Sergey Gera, Igor Yatsishin and Alexander Skryabin.

Almost immediately after the creation of the team, the guys dropped the record "Chuesh bіl" (now the longplay is considered lost - note Salve Music). During this period of time, the artists shot the first video.

In 1991, the guys gave their debut concert. They spoke to the soldiers. The audience coolly, if not indifferently, accepted the performance of the musicians.

A year later, the Scriabin participants signed a contract with the production center, and only after that the work “boiled”. They started recording a LP, but even here they were not lucky - the work of the production center was covered with a "copper basin". The musicians remained under support.

Kuzma Skryabin (Andrey Kuzmenko): Biography of the artist
Kuzma Skryabin (Andrey Kuzmenko): Biography of the artist

Kuzma Skryabin: release of the LP "Birds"

Then the team in full force moves to the capital of Ukraine. The move to Kyiv marked a new era. In 1995, Scriabin's discography was finally replenished. The artists presented the record "Birds" to the music lovers.

The musical works that topped the track list of the disc were very different in sound from what the guys released earlier. Dance songs with a bang were greeted by the spoiled metropolitan public.

The creativity of Kuzma and his team was gaining momentum. So far, the musicians have not held solo concerts, but nevertheless, they performed on the heating of popular artists. Andrei tried on a new role at all - he became a TV presenter.

The band's popularity peaked in 1997. It was then that the musicians published one of the most worthy discography albums. We are talking about the disc "Kazki". In support of this LP, the guys held a solo performance. Artists have repeatedly been recognized as the best team. Their longplays scattered with the speed of the wind.

The activities of the Scriabin team in the XNUMXs

With the advent of the new century, the first serious conflicts began to occur in the group. Now the guys played a lighter version of rock, and the texts of their work were generously “seasoned” with humor in its best musical form.

Since 2002, the team began to cooperate with political forces. And it seems that this was their main mistake. So, the longplay "Winter People" was released with the support of the political bloc.

In 2004, the musicians left the band. The entire "gold composition" is gone. Only Scriabin remained at the "helm". Former members of the team stopped communicating with each other. Kuzmenko first thought about a solo career.

A year later, the band's discography was replenished with the collection "Tango". The presented disc was recorded by the guys in an updated line-up. Only Kuzma remained "untouched".

Kuzma Skryabin: other projects

In 2008, the band's frontman introduced the group "Soldering Panties". He wrote music and lyrics for the band members (after the tragic death of Andrey, Vladimir Bebeshko became the only producer of the band - note Salve Music).

A year later, the release of the disc "Skryabіn-20" took place. The guys skated a tour in support of the collection. In parallel with this, the artist said that he was recording a solo album.

In 2012, Andrei presented the project "Angry Rapper Zenik", which practically went unnoticed among music lovers. Under this pseudonym, the premiere of the compositions "Metalist", "GMO", "Honduras", "You're F*cking F*ck", "Spain", "F*ck", "Fur Coat", "Baba z X*yem", “Together Us Bagato”, “Asshole”.

The last album of the Dobryak group was recorded in 2013. Recall that this is the band's 15-studio album. Longplay consists of absolutely different sounding tracks. Despite this, the tracks are united by one emotional line, which is very reminiscent of the team's earlier work.

The collection was warmly received by the fans of the band. Then, the "fans" did not yet know that this was the last album, in the recording of which Kuzma accepted. Video clips premiered for several tracks.

TV projects and shows with the participation of Kuzma Scriabin

His talent has manifested itself in various industries. He organically felt like a leader. In the mid-90s, he became the host of a program that was broadcast on one of the Ukrainian TV channels - "Territory - A". He was also the host of "Live Sound".

However, the Chance project brought him the greatest fame. Recall that Kuzma was the host of the show from 2003 to 2008. He worked in tandem with Natalia Mogilevskaya. Stars often could not find a common language. The playful conflicts between Natalya and Kuzma were loved by the audience. "Chance" is the ideological continuation of the program "Karaoke on the Maidan".

The winners of "Karaoke on the Maidan" got into the "Chance", where for one day a team of real professionals worked on them. At the end of the day, each of the participants on the stage showed a number. Thanks to this project, Vitaly Kozlovsky, Natalia Valevskaya, the Aviator group and many others "made their way into the stars".

Kuzma Skryabin: publication of the book “I, Pobeda and Berlin”

“I, Pobeda and Berlin” is Andrey Skryabin’s literary debut. The book was published by the Ukrainian Folio in 2006. The collection includes two stories, namely - "I," Pobeda "and Berlin" and "A place where no pennies go", as well as the texts of the famous tracks of the Scriabin group.

The book is saturated with bright humor and a cheerful mood (everything in the style of Kuzma). The stories are classified as adventure and action-packed thriller. In 2020, a film based on the book began to be filmed.

The film “I, Pobeda and Berlin” is the story of an ordinary guy who has just started making music. A few days before the concert, he, along with his friend Bard, goes to Berlin on the old Pobeda. Rumor has it that there the old collector wants to exchange Pobeda for Merc. Kuzma promises his girlfriend to return home in time to play concerts, but everything does not go according to plan.

The role of Kuzma went to Ivan Blindar. At the end of February 2022, TNMK released a cover of Scriabin's track "Koliorova". The song will be the soundtrack to the film.

Kuzma Scriabin: details of his personal life

In the 90s, he married Svetlana Babiychuk. A few years later they had a daughter, who was named Maria-Barbara. Svetlana - was the only woman in the life of the artist, whom he decided to take as his wife.

Kuzma Scriabin called her his muse. Scriabin composed songs for her. For example, the track "Champagne Eyes" - the musician dedicated to this charming woman

Interesting facts about Kuzma Scriabin

  • Kuzma is the first producer of the already famous DZIDZIO band.
  • Throughout his life, he hid his wife, and she did not want to "shine" in front of the camera.
  • Scriabin dedicated the revolutionary hit "Revolution on Fire" to the events in Ukraine.
Kuzma Skryabin (Andrey Kuzmenko): Biography of the artist
Kuzma Skryabin (Andrey Kuzmenko): Biography of the artist

The last years of the life and death of Kuzma Scriabin

A few days before his tragic death, the artist gave an interview in which he spoke about his own attitude to the events that are taking place in the east of Ukraine, the mobilization of Ukrainians and the current government. 

In February 2015, the artist gave a concert in Krivoy Rog. February 2 he was gone. He died in an accident. The musician died before the ambulance arrived. The cause of death was injuries incompatible with life.

The driver who was involved in the accident survived. Later in an interview, he will say that the road was slippery that day, and Scriabin was flying at high speed. The artist's car really looked like a pile of iron.

After the death of the singer, his wife found compositions on a political theme. But, Andrei sang a few "sharp" tracks during his lifetime. We are talking about the compositions "S * ka viyna" and "Sheet to the President". After the publication of the compositions, the media, as well as fans, began to assume that Kuzma's death was not accidental.


Some time later, 1+1 Production organized a concert in memory of Scriabin. It took place at the Sports Palace on May 20, 2015. Kuzma's songs were sung by Ruslana, Vyacheslav Vakarchuk, Boombox, Taras Topolya, Ivan Dorn, Valery Kharchishin, Pianoboy and others.

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