Christian Ohman (Christian Ohman): Biography of the artist

Christian Ohman is a Polish singer, musician, and lyricist. In 2022, after the National Selection for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, it became known that the artist will represent Poland at one of the most anticipated musical events of the year. Recall that Christian go to the Italian city of Turin. At Eurovision, he intends to present a piece of music River.


Childhood and youth of Christian Ohman

The artist's date of birth is July 19, 1999. Despite the fact that today he lives in Poland, Christian was born in the small American town of Melroza. He has a sister and a brother who have chosen "mundane" professions for themselves. So, the sister studies in medical, and the younger brother is professionally involved in sports. They developed a good family relationship.

By the way, it was his parents who encouraged Christian to study music. Prior to that, he drove the ball in football and thought about the career of an athlete. One day, the parents enrolled their son in a music school, where he learned to play the piano and trumpet. Music lured Ohman so much that since that time he did not miss the opportunity to play music.

After Christian gained some weight in the music industry, he told why his parents pushed him to choose a creative profession. It turns out that his father from the 80s and up to emigration to the USA was listed as the keyboard player of the Róże Europy band (the band's most popular track is Jedwab - note Salve Music).

Special attention deserves the fact that Christian is the grandson of the world-famous opera singer Wieslaw. The master of bel canto, who glorified his family due to his unique voice, has always been and will always be a special person for Ohman Jr.

He started singing as a teenager. The young man took part in the school production of Cinderella, in which he performed several roles. He has a specialized education. He studied at the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music in Katowice.

Christian Ohman (Christian Ohman): Biography of the artist
Christian Ohman (Christian Ohman): Biography of the artist

The creative path of Christian Ohman

He began by publishing covers of popular and long-loved tracks by established artists. Covers performed by Christian have become a real treat for the ears of music lovers. On the wave of recognition of his talent - the artist began to release his own tracks. So, in this period of time, the performer released the work Sexy Lady.

In mid-September 2020, the singer decided to announce his talent to the whole planet. The guy took part in the musical project "Voice of Poland". Recall that the show was broadcast by TVP 2.

On stage, the artist brilliantly performed the work Beneath Your Beautiful. In the first minute, the seat of judge Michal Szpak turned (in 2016, the singer represented Poland at Eurovision - note Salve Music). This event was a personal victory for the artist.

In a special room, Christian's performance was watched by his younger brother. The relative could hardly restrain his emotions from happiness when Shpak turned his chair. But when Edita Gurnyak also turned to Okhman, his brother could not control himself. He screamed with joy. As a result, Christian got into Michal's team.

Throughout all the releases, Christian remained the clear favorite of the audience. During the period of participation in the show, he formed several fan groups. Many predicted that it was Ohman who would "snatch" the victory. By the way, that's what happened. He entered the top three finalists and took first place.

On the day of his triumph, the singer pleased with the release of the unrealistically cool-sounding single Światłocienie. Note that the track was mixed on the label Universal Music Polska. The English version of the composition is called Lights in the Dark (it was certified gold - note Salve Music).

November 2021 was marked by the release of a full-length LP with the "modest" title Ochman. The record was topped by only 11 tracks. The release of the collection brought the artist the Bestsellerów Empiku nomination.

Christian Ohman: details of the artist's personal life

He is in no hurry to put his personal life on public display. The artist's social networks also do not allow assessing his marital status. Its pages are littered with photos of relatives and friends. Of course, there are a lot of posts on purely work topics.

Interesting facts about Christian Ohman

  • The artist has dual citizenship - Polish and American.
  • He dedicated the song to his parents.
  • The singer was awarded the Order of the Revival of Poland and the medal "For Merit in Culture Gloria Artis".

Christian Ohman: our days

In 2021, Christian Ohman managed to announce the date of the tour. At the beginning of 2022, the artist announced his intention to take part in the Eurovision National Selection with the musical work River. “Now people all over the world are going through hard times. My song River is about the time to relax, exhale and calm down, ”said the singer.


Ohman managed to impress the jury and the audience with his performance. According to the voting results, he took 1st place. Christian will soon go to Turin and will fight for the right to win. By the way, according to bookmakers, the Polish artist will be in the top three finalists.

"Hi guys! Only now I am gradually emotionally beginning to accept the fact of victory. I knew I had the best fans in the world, but yesterday you confirmed it. I want to thank you again for every text. For everything you've done for me. I sing not for myself, but for you. Now my main goal is to represent Poland in the best possible way at Eurovision. I will disappoint, I promise, ”Ohman thanked the fans.

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