Christian Ohman is a Polish singer, musician, and lyricist. In 2022, after the National Selection for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, it became known that the artist will represent Poland at one of the most anticipated musical events of the year. Recall that Christian go to the Italian city of Turin. At Eurovision, he intends to present a piece of music River. Baby and […]

Our Atlantic is a Ukrainian band based in Kyiv today. The guys loudly announced their project almost immediately after the official date of creation. The musicians won the Goat Music Battle. Reference: KOZA MUSIC BATTLE is the largest music competition in Western Ukraine, which is held among young Ukrainian bands and […]

Runstar is a Ukrainian producer, lyricist, musician, singer. His name is associated with the Iksiy Music label. By the way, this is one of the leading recording companies in Ukraine. She has many years of experience working with Ukrainian and Russian stars. The childhood and youth of Sergei Ermolaev He was born in October 1990. Sergey Ermolaev […]

Yevhen Khmara is one of the most popular composers and musicians in Ukraine. Fans can hear all the maestro's compositions in such styles as: instrumental music, rock, neoclassical music and dubstep. The composer, who captivates not only with his acting, but also with his positive, often performs on international musical arenas. He also organizes charity concerts for children with […]