Achille Lauro (Achille Lauro): Biography of the artist

Achille Lauro is an Italian singer and lyricist. His name is known to music lovers who "thrive" from the sound of trap (a subgenre of hip-hop dating back to the late 90s - note Salve Music) and hip-hop. The provocative and flamboyant singer will represent San Marino at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022.


By the way, this year the event will be held in the Italian town of Turin. Aquilla doesn't have to cross the entire continent to attend one of the most anticipated song events of the year. In 2021, the victory was snatched by the Maneskin group.

The Italian media call Lauro an icon of style and fashion. He gained his first portion of popularity after successful performances in San Remo in 2019. Then he rocked one of the most significant events in Italian music, presenting artistic and cultural performances inspired by famous historical figures on the site. The concept of the artist's number was to encourage personal freedom and self-determination.

Achille Lauro (Achille Lauro): Biography of the artist
Achille Lauro (Achille Lauro): Biography of the artist

Childhood and youth Lauro De Marinis

The artist's date of birth is July 11, 1990. Lauro De Marinis (real name of the rapper) was born in Verona (Italy). The guy's parents have the most remote relation to creativity. Although, it is worth recognizing that they never forbade their son to take “everything” from life, and did not “break off” his creative endeavors.

His father is a former university professor and lawyer who, for outstanding service, became an advisor to the Court of Cassation. The only thing known about the mother is that she comes from Rovigo.

Lauro's childhood passed in Rome. As a teenager, he decides to move in with his older brother Federico (brother Lauro is the producer of the Quarto Blocco group - note Salve Music).

Akille by that time appreciated all the advantages of independence. He moved away from his parents, but did not forget to keep in touch with them - the guy often called up the head of the family.

"Hanging out" in musical circles - Achille became part of Quarto Blocco. He entered the world of underground rap and punk rock. By this time, the stage name of the artist appears - "Achille Lauro".

Later, the rapper will say that this choice of a creative pseudonym was due to the fact that many associated his name with the name of the Neapolitan shipowner, who was famous for the seizure of the ship of the same name by a group of terrorists.

The creative path of Achille Lauro

According to the artist, the tastes of rap in his native Italy are not close to him. The singer hates being judged by stereotypical street music standards. Outwardly, he really does not look like a classic rap artist. He has repeatedly caused controversy with his eccentric clothing aesthetic.

At the end of February 2014, he dropped the album Achille Idol Immortale. Note that the record was mixed on the label Roccia, Universal. Longplay quite "exactly" was met by music lovers. Most lacked "sass", but Lauro promised to fix it.

A year later, the premiere of the Dio c'è record took place. Unlike the debut LP, this collection downloaded perfectly. It peaked at number 19 on the local chart. For some of the tracks, the rapper shot cool clips, which, as it were, hinted at the musician's big plans.

In the same year, his discography was replenished with a mini-disc, which was called Young Crazy. The compositions of Dio Ricordati, Un Sogno Dove Tutti Muoiono, Bed & Breakfast, Ragazzi Fuori and La Bella e La Bestia were warmly welcomed by the numerous "fans" of the artist.

A year later, he releases the album Ragazzi madre. Recall that this is the artist's third studio album. This work brought the rapper a gold certificate from FIMI (Italian Federation of the Recording Industry - note Salve Music).

Achille Lauro (Achille Lauro): Biography of the artist
Achille Lauro (Achille Lauro): Biography of the artist

During this period of time he tours a lot. Despite the tight schedule, the artist is actively working on another full-length album. In an interview, the rapper says that the new collection will be released next year.

2016 was marked by the news that the artist was leaving the label with which he managed to record the first two LPs. The rapper notes that there were no conflicts between him and the organizers of the company.

In 2018 he presented the album Pour l'amour. The record was mixed on the Sony label. From a commercial point of view, the LP was successful. It reached number 4 on the country's music chart. This work again brought the artist a gold certificate.

Participation in the festival in San Remo

In 2019, he took part in the San Remo Festival. On stage, the artist presented a piece of music Rolls Royce. In 2020, he again appeared on the stage of the Italian competition. The rapper performed the track Me ne frego on stage. He was also a regular guest at the 2021 event.

Reference: Festival della canzone italiana di Sanrem is an Italian song contest, which is held annually in winter in mid-February in the city of Sam Remo (a city in northwestern Italy).

In 2021, Lauro released the single Solo noi and the album Lauro (re-released in 2022 as Lauro: Achille Idol Superstar - note Salve Music). We also note that Achille Lauro is the author of the autobiographical text Sono io Amleto and a short story in verse 16 marzo: l'ultima notte.

By the way, in the same year, the artist starred in the film Anni da cane, and also recorded a track for the film. We are talking about the composition Io e te. The novelties were warmly received by the fans.

Achille Lauro: details of the artist's personal life

The rapper practically does not comment on what exactly is happening on the personal front. In 2021, the media published pictures with a pretty girl. Fans declassified the name of the beloved Lauro. She was a girl named Francesca. Rumor has it that the couple is already engaged.

The rapper never wanted to mix his personal life with the music world. Perhaps this is how he tries to protect the girl who makes him happy. The artist saves her from the gossip of the "yellow" press.

Achille Lauro: Eurovision 2022

In February 2022, the national selection in San Mario ended. Achille Lauro became the winner of the national selection. By the way, he arrived there after winning the song contest Una Voce per San Marino.

The rapper intends to go to Eurovision with the work Stripper. According to the artist, this track is very personal. It gave him the opportunity to showcase a new side of himself. “Stripper is a punk rock song, but with a new, sweet aftertaste. This composition of incredible energy and power. She is destructive. The track has an international connotation…”, – said the artist.

Achille Lauro (Achille Lauro): Biography of the artist
Achille Lauro (Achille Lauro): Biography of the artist

“A great opportunity to present my music and my performances on the international stage. I sincerely thank San Marino, the "ancient land of freedom", for inviting me to their very first festival and for making this possible. See you in Turin, ”the singer addressed the fans.

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