Alexander Kolker is a recognized Soviet and Russian composer. More than one generation of music lovers grew up on his musical works. He composed musicals, operettas, rock operas, musical works for plays and films. Childhood and youth of Alexander Kolker Alexander was born at the end of July 1933. He spent his childhood on the territory of the cultural capital of Russia […]

Lata Mangeshkar is an Indian singer, songwriter and artist. Recall that this is the second Indian performer who received the Bharat Ratna. She influenced the musical preferences of the genius Freddie Mercury. Her music was highly appreciated in European countries, as well as in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Reference: Bharat ratna is the highest civil state award of India. Established […]

The merits of Reinhold Gliere are difficult to underestimate. Reinhold Gliere is a Russian composer, musician, public figure, author of music and the cultural anthem of St. Petersburg - he is also remembered as the founder of Russian ballet. Reinhold Gliere's childhood and youth The maestro's date of birth is December 30, 1874. He was born in Kyiv (at that time the city was part of […]

Nikolai Leontovich, world famous composer. He is called none other than the Ukrainian Bach. It is thanks to the musician's creativity that even in the most remote corners of the planet, the melody "Shchedryk" sounds every Christmas. Leontovich was engaged not only in composing brilliant musical compositions. He is also known as a choir director, teacher, and active public figure, to whose […]