Alexander Kolker: Biography of the composer

Alexander Kolker is a recognized Soviet and Russian composer. More than one generation of music lovers grew up on his musical works. He composed musicals, operettas, rock operas, musical works for plays and films.


Childhood and youth of Alexander Kolker

Alexander was born at the end of July 1933. He spent his childhood on the territory of the cultural capital of Russia - in St. Petersburg. Although Alexander's parents were ordinary workers, they respected music very much.

Little Sasha's mother was an ordinary housewife, and her father, a Jew by nationality, served in the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs of the USSR. Classical music played in the Kolker house.

Alexander early began to be drawn to music. Mom noticed her son's craving for creativity, so she enrolled him in a music school. The teachers of the educational institution assured the parents that their son had perfect hearing. He could effortlessly reproduce the recently sounded melody.

Kolker could not even dream of becoming a composer. My father insisted on getting a "serious" profession. After leaving school, the young man entered the Electrotechnical Institute, his native St. Petersburg. In the mid-50s of the last century, he graduated from an educational institution and received a diploma.

The creative path of Alexander Kolker

After graduating from an educational institution, he caught himself thinking that he did not want to do anything other than music. Yes, and the natural talent of the maestro asked to come out. But, at the plant, he still had to work, though not for long.

Even while studying at the institute, he enrolled in the composer courses of Joseph Pustylnik, opened under the Union of Composers of his native city. After the acquired knowledge - he began to apply them in practice. Alexander took up writing music for performances staged by students of the Electrotechnical Institute.

Around the same period of time, the premiere of the operetta "The White Crow" took place. Despite the fact that little was known about Kolker's talent, the work was definitely a success. On the wave of popularity, he writes music for a string quartet. At the end of the 50s of the last century, he came to grips with the promotion of his composer's career.

He continued to compose brilliant musical works. He was a famous person in the close circles of the local intelligentsia, but the maestro gained wide popularity after he married Maria Pakhomenko.

In the mid-60s, he presented "Shakes, shakes" for the production of "I'm going into a thunderstorm." The work went with a bang to the Soviet (and not only) public. Moreover, the composition received the status of a "hit".

Alexander wrote a lot for his wife, Maria Pakhomenko. She brilliantly performed the compositions “The Girls Are Standing” and “Rowan”. The star duet from year to year demonstrated that this is "an alliance made in heaven." In total, Kolker wrote 26 tracks specifically for his wife.

Alexander Kolker: Biography of the composer
Alexander Kolker: Biography of the composer

Collaboration between Alexander Kolker and Kim Ryzhov

His creative biography is inextricably linked with songwriter Kim Ryzhov. The latter wrote the lyrics for most of Kolker's compositions. Creative personalities were united not only by work - they were good friends.

Kolker has composed music for more than 15 musicals. The rock opera Gadfly deserves special attention. The premiere of the production took place in the 85th year. The rock opera made a big impression on the audience. The auditorium was packed during the performance.

The number of films in which Alexander's music sounds rolls over. His works are heard in the films: “Singing Guitars”, “Leaving - Leave”, “Melody for Two Voices”, “No One Can Replace You”, “Journey to Another City”, etc.

In the early 80s, he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR. He also received the Lenin Komsomol Prize. Soon Alexander became an Honorary Citizen of the Republic of Karelia.

Alexander Kolker: details of the maestro's personal life

The composer's first wife was Rita Strygina. The inexperience of young people made itself felt, so this union quickly came to an end. Alexander was open to new relationships, so he soon began more than a working relationship with singer Maria Pakhomenko.

He was fascinated by the beauty of Pakhomenko. At that time, she was one of the most enviable artists of the Soviet Union. Quite influential and wealthy men courted her, but Kolker was sure that she would become his wife. He sought the location of Mary for a long time.

Alexander Kolker: Biography of the composer
Alexander Kolker: Biography of the composer

At the end of the 50s, the couple officially legalized the relationship. Soon Maria gave birth to a daughter. The girl was named Natasha. By the way, the couple settled on one heiress.

The star family has formed the opinion of one of the strongest and most decent couples. Maria died in 2013. Later it became known that in this union everything was not so smooth. The daughter in one of the interviews mentioned that her father raised his hand to his mother.

The composer denied everything. He even went to court to defend his dignity. But everything was directed against him. The fact is that there were a dozen more people who confirmed that he really physically dealt with Pakhomenko. Kolker denies everything to this day. He blames his daughter for everything. Natalya did not allow her father to attend her mother's funeral.

Alexander Kolker: our days

In February 2022, headlines appeared in the media that the composer had been attacked with a knife in an elevator. The offender not only struck with a cold weapon, but also strangled Kolker. A criminal investigation into attempted murder was opened in connection with the incident. The suspect in the crime against Kolker was detained on the same day.


The composer's life is not in danger. He is under stress. Alexander said that he did not know the person who tried to take his life.

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