50 Cent is one of the brightest representatives of modern rap culture. Artist, rapper, producer and author of his own tracks. He was able to conquer a vast territory in the United States and Europe. The unique style of performing songs made the rapper popular. Today, he is at the peak of popularity, so I want to know a little more about such a legendary performer. […]

Marshall Bruce Methers III, better known as Eminem, is the king of hip-hop according to the Rolling Stones and one of the most successful rappers in the world. Where did it all begin? However, his fate was not so simple. Ros Marshall is the only child in the family. Together with his mother, he constantly moved from city to city, […]

Feduk is a Russian rapper whose songs become hits on Russian and foreign charts. The rapper had everything to become a star: a pretty face, talent and good taste. The creative biography of the performer is an example of the fact that you need to give yourself entirely to music, and someday such loyalty to creativity will be rewarded. Feduk - […]

A few years ago, the world met a new star. She became Ivan Dremin, who is known under the creative pseudonym Face. The young man's songs are literally filled with provocations, sharp sarcasm and a challenge to society. But it was the explosive compositions of the young man that brought him unheard of success. Today there is not a single teenager who would not be familiar with […]

Over 150 million views on YouTube. The song "The ice is melting between us" for a long time did not want to leave the first places of the charts. Fans of the work were the most diverse listeners. A musical group with an extraordinary name "Mushrooms" made a huge contribution to the development of domestic rap. The composition of the musical group Mushrooms The musical group announced itself 3 years ago. Then […]

Aleksey Uzenyuk, or Eldzhey, is the discoverer of the so-called new school of rap. A real talent in the Russian rap party - this is how Uzenyuk calls himself. “I always knew that I make muzlo much better than the rest,” the rap artist declares without much shyness. We will not dispute this statement because, since 2014, […]