ZAPOMNI (Dmitry Pakhomov): Biography of the artist

ZAPOMNI is a rap artist who has managed to make a lot of noise in the music industry in the last couple of years. It all started with the release of a solo LP in 2021. The aspiring singer almost appeared on the Evening Urgant show (apparently, something went wrong), and in 2022 he pleased with a solo concert.


Childhood and youth of Dmitry Pakhomov

The artist's date of birth is January 21, 1999. He was born on the territory of Donetsk. By the way, he has an older brother with whom he just gets along great. According to Dmitry, the brother became not just a native person for him, he was his godfather (this decision was made by the parents).

“Somehow, the parents decided to baptize Dima, there was a godmother, but there was no godfather. They asked the father: “can I have a brother?”. He gave good. My brother and I often fought. As an older brother, I made fun of him, and he followed me like a tail. By the way, sometimes the jokes were not harmless. I shot at Dimka with bullets from a children's pistol. It hurt…,” writes Dmitry’s brother.

Andrey (Dmitry's brother) - supports Pakhomov in his creative endeavors. In connection with the military situation in Ukraine, both brothers were forced to move to the territory of Nikolaev. In 2014, they collected everything they needed and set off to conquer a new city.

It was not easy for Dmitry to get used to the new place. At first, he worked at a local sushi bar. In addition, Pakhomov developed creatively and helped others to do this. He gave private paid guitar lessons.

The creative path of Dmitry Pakhomov

The formation of Dmitry as a creative person began in 2013. Then Pakhomov, together with his school friend Andrei Shestak, decided to become popular. True, the guys began to engage not in music, but in blogging. The guys filmed trendy vines and humorous videos. Schoolchildren's product resonates with social media users

After receiving the matriculation certificate, young people thought about filming the series Cookie Of Galaxy. As planned by the guys, the main characters of the tape were supposed to be characters endowed with superpowers. They were preparing for working days, but the war broke out in Donetsk. The guys left the city and dispersed in all directions.

ZAPOMNI (Dmitry Pakhomov): Biography of the artist
ZAPOMNI (Dmitry Pakhomov): Biography of the artist

Three years later they met again, now in Nikolaev. Friends by that time were fond of music, so on this basis they “put together” a common project. Their offspring was called In Da Moon (most of the tracks are lost - note Salve Music).

A little later, the group grew into a recording studio. During this period of time, Dmitry, under the creative pseudonym PAHOMOV, dropped his debut single. We are talking about the musical work "Hat" (the first version of the track Red Spots "was mixed in 2018 - note Salve Music).

Further, the repertoire of the rap artist was replenished with the composition "Do not warm." After a short period of time, he presented a cover of a song that is included in the repertoire of the legendary chansonnier Mikhail Krug. The composition "Girl-Pie" performed by Dmitry sounded "fresh", but not all music lovers were ready for such a presentation of musical material.

Tracks under the new creative pseudonym ZAPOMNI

In 2020, the premiere of the songs “Let’s better see at home” and “I’ll finish my smoke, we’ll talk” premiered. In March, a new creative pseudonym appears. The rapper under the name ZAPOMNI releases the work "Hooligan". After some time, he presented a work of the same name, which is similar to his nickname, and also dropped a couple of mini-LPs at once. On the wave of "euphoria" from his own work, he has a number of songs. 

Details of the rapper's personal life

He is reluctant to share information about his personal life. Not so long ago, Dmitry said that he twice made a marriage proposal to the same lover, but she was not ready to tie the knot with the artist. The rapper was very upset by the failure on a personal front.

ZAPOMNI (Dmitry Pakhomov): Biography of the artist
ZAPOMNI (Dmitry Pakhomov): Biography of the artist

ZAPOMNI: our days

In 2021, he dropped the album BACKGROUND. The collection was headed by more than two dozen unrealistically cool sounding tracks. The record was warmly welcomed by fans of the aspiring rap artist


In mid-January 2022, it was revealed that the rapper's first solo concert would take place in February. He performed in "16 Tons". Then he said that his concerts would be held in Russia and Ukraine.

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