Alekseev (Nikita Alekseev): Biography of the artist

If you have never heard what passion sounds like, if you have never consciously but helplessly drowned in a whirlpool of sound, if you have not fallen off the cliff of madness, immediately take risks, but only with it. Alekseev is a palette of emotions. He will get from the very bottom of your soul everything that you hide so carefully.

Alekseev (Nikita Alekseev): Biography of the artist
Alekseev (Nikita Alekseev): Biography of the artist

Youth and early career of Nikita Alekseev

Nikita Alekseev is a 26-year-old artist with Ukrainian roots. The stage name is the real name of the singer. The name of the Ukrainian star is Nikita Alekseev.

He was born on May 18, 1993 in the capital of Ukraine - the city of Kyiv. Nikita graduated from gymnasium No. 136 of his hometown. Then he graduated from Kiev University with a degree in Marketing.

But he was well aware that this is not what he wants to devote his life to. And he talks about this specialty as a plan "B". Because he never thought about becoming a professional artist in the future. At the time of choosing a specialty, he read many books, watched films on this topic and was inspired by it. 

The second family of Nikita Alekseev

Nikita spent every summer in Spain in the city of Mula (province of Murcia). He lived in a Spanish family, learning the local language, which today he cannot boast of, as he has forgotten a lot. Many years later, Nikita tries to visit his second family once a year.

At the age of 10, when Nikita realized that he wanted to connect his life with music, he began to study music diligently. He learned to feel and understand music, and soon Nikita became part of the Mova group. Nikita created it together with his friends, they gave small but atmospheric concerts in art pubs. The style of the group was different from the style that we can observe in the work of Nikita today.

In addition to music, Nikita also professionally played football (for some time he was part of the Kyiv football club "Maestro") and tennis. I tried to find time in my busy schedule to come to the football field and play the match.

Alekseev (Nikita Alekseev): Biography of the artist
Alekseev (Nikita Alekseev): Biography of the artist

Personal life of Nikita Alekseev

For a long time he met with a girl. And Nikita was already planning to propose to her, but on a joint vacation in Spain, the young people broke up.

Music of the Alekseev project

Each new song is the leader of the music charts. Nikita was a participant in the children's Eurovision project, but he could not win. The first step towards the already future career of the singer was participation in the show "Voice of the Country" (Season 4), which was released in 2014.

During the blind auditions from the jury, only Ani Lorak turned to Nikita. But the first broadcast was his last. But Ani Lorak, who duly appreciated and heard the guy's talent, helped him in filming a video for his debut song "Do It All".

"And I'm crying"

The first truly successful work of his work was a cover version of the song "And I'm Pliv" by Irina Bilyk. A clip was also shot, which for two weeks occupied a leading position in the Ukrainian FDR chart.

The performer spoke very well about the work, praising it. As a reward, she invited Nikita to perform this song with her at a concert.

"Drunken Sun"

In the fall of 2015, the song "Drunken Sun" was released, which won the hearts of fans. The composition was in the lead in all the charts, was in rotation on all radio stations.

It was this song that made Nikita what he is now. It was with this song that the creative path of such an artist as Alekseev began. At the end of 2015, the song was awarded the RU TV channel award in the Best Composition of the Year nomination.

In 2016, the song was certified platinum on iTunes. She held the leading positions for more than two months. The video for this song has received over 40 million views. The director of the video, as well as the subsequent works of Nikita, was Alan Badoev.

Nikita's subsequent compositions "They became oceans", "Shards of dreams", "I feel with my soul" became hits, each single has clips.

Oceans have become

But perhaps the most beloved of the above was the hit "Oceans of Steel", which scored 20 million views.

The release of the debut album "Drunk Sun" took place in November 2016. February 14, 2017 Alekseev went on the first tour of the same name in Ukraine. Nikita gave the final concert of the tour on May 18 on his birthday in his hometown.

In January 2018, Nikita tried his hand at the National Selection of the Eurovision Song Contest from Belarus. There he presented the English version of the song "Forever". As a result, he became the representative of Belarus at the annual song contest.

Unfortunately, Alekseev did not make it to the final of the Eurovision Song Contest. Nevertheless, it was a magical, dignified and sensual performance.

The release of new singles by the artist Alekseev

During the year, the artist delighted his fans with new singles: 
"Sberagu" (release date - May 18, 2018). And also "How are you?" (November 16, 2018), Not Honey (March 8, 2019), Kiss (April 26, 2019).

Only three of the above singles have clips.
The composition "Sberagu" won the hearts of fans and immediately took the leading positions in the charts of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. And the clip became the best according to the Music Awards 2018. At the moment, the clip has gained almost 4 million views.

Composition "How are you there?" could not leave indifferent even those who are not fans of the artist. She took a leading position in the charts in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus. The video has received 11,5 million views so far.

The composition "Kiss" became the single of the second studio album "My Star". The song has a completely different character than the singer's previous works.

The video has received over 1 million views so far. Since the premiere took place quite recently - June 3, 2019.

The release of the second long-awaited album "My Star" took place on May 24, 2019. The album includes 12 songs that are different.

Everything in this album, from the lyrics to the music, has a different character - more passionate and mature.

Alekseev today

In February 2021, the presentation of the singer's new single "Through a Dream" took place. The cover was decorated with a blurred portrait of the Ukrainian artist. The artist briefly described the history of the creation of the work:

“Dreams prompt us to experience a variety of emotions. In a dream, we love, we fear, we believe, we rejoice. It is important to understand what exactly a dream means to us ... ".


The artist appears before his fans in a new role, which fascinates and intrigues. This colossal work deserves the highest award - the love of those for whom this music is created, the love of fans.

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