Monika Liu (Monica Liu): Biography of the singer

Monika Liu is a Lithuanian singer, musician and lyricist. The artist has some special charisma that makes you listen carefully to the singing, and at the same time, do not take your eyes off the performer herself. She is refined and femininely sweet. Despite the prevailing image, Monica Liu has a strong voice.


In 2022, she had a unique opportunity. Monika Liu will represent Lithuania at the Eurovision Song Contest. Recall that in 2022 one of the most anticipated events of the year will be held in the Italian town of Turin.

Childhood and youth of Monica Lubinite

The artist's date of birth is February 9, 1988. She spent her childhood in Klaipeda. She was lucky to be born into a creative family - both parents were involved in music.

In the house of Lubinite, the immortal musical works of the classics often sounded. A girl from the age of 5 took violin lessons. In addition, she studied ballet.

She did pretty well in school. The talented girl always received praise from teachers, and in general she was in good standing at school. According to Monica, she was not a conflict child. “I didn’t cause unnecessary trouble to my parents,” says the artist.

She began her musical career when the violin fell into her hands. This wonderful instrument beckoned the girl with its sound. She discovered singing for herself 10 years later. In 2004, Monica won the Song of Songs competition.

Getting higher education

Then she began to study jazz music and vocals at the Faculty of Klaipeda University. After graduation, Monica moved to the USA. In America, she studied at one of the most prestigious music schools in the world, Berkeley College (Boston).

Monica decided to live in London for a while. Here she began to compose and perform author's songs. This period of time is marked by collaboration with Mario Basanov. Together with the Silence band, Monica released a driving track. We are talking about the song Not Yesterday.

She received her first portion of popularity when she won a vocal competition with the Sel group. Monica performed on LRT in the television project "Golden Voice".

Monika Liu (Monica Liu): Biography of the singer
Monika Liu (Monica Liu): Biography of the singer

The creative path of Monika Liu

After a long study abroad, the artist sang in English, but, having discovered Lithuanian music, Monika gained not only greater recognition in her homeland, but also inner peace.

“When you go abroad, you really admire everything around for the first time. It seems that there is nothing better than this place. Especially if we are talking about civilized countries. The new city began to educate me. And after separation from my homeland, I thought: who am I? What I'm talking about? I began to ask myself these questions and thought about Lithuania. I began to think about my roots, where I come from. Authenticity is important for me, this is the most important thing, ”Monika said in one of her interviews.

Experts describe the singer's early work as "a heavily electro-pop (and less whimsical) version of Björk". Monica is praised for her interesting and deep lyrics, far superior to the shallow and mesmerizing radio pop.

In 2015, the debut album of the singer was released. The record was called I Am. The track Journey to the Moon was released as a supporting single. The collection was warmly received by music lovers, but then it was still too early to talk about large-scale recognition of her talent.

A year later, she released the musical work On My Own. Then another non-album track was released. It's about the song Hello. During this period of time, she tours a lot. In one of the interviews, the artist shares with the media the news that she is preparing a new album.

Album release Lunatik

In 2019, she expanded her discography with her second full-length album. The record was called Lünatik. Supporting singles were I Got You, Falafel and Vaikinai trumpais šortais. The latter took 31st place in the Lithuanian chart.

The tracks that were included in the LP were composed by the artist under the impression of her stay in London and New York. Moreover, the singer said that all the songs were recorded in these cities. “Some of the works that I produced myself mark a new stage in my life as an independent artist,” said the performer. A London producer, with whom she has already collaborated, took part in the recording of several tracks.

The musical compositions on the new disc are united by the musical styles of art-pop and indie-pop. Music is closely related to visuals. In this disc, the visual is special - the illustrations were created by Monika herself, thus revealing one more of her talents.

In the wake of popularity, Monica began mixing another disc, which was a big surprise for fans. In April 2020, the LP Melodija was released. By the way, this is the singer's first vinyl record.

According to the creators, the format of the vinyl record envelops with sentimentality, reminiscent of the Lithuanian retro stage, but at the same time, the record is filled with fresh musical sound. The album was mixed in the UK in collaboration with Miles James, Christoph Skirl and musician Marius Alexa.

“My tracks are about youth, dreams, fear, madness, loneliness and, most importantly, love,” Monica Liu commented on the release of the record.

Monika Liu: details of the singer's personal life

She met her first love during her school years. According to Monica, she flew to an educational institution with “butterflies in her stomach” in order to quickly see the subject of her sighs. She wrote sweet little notes to the boy. The general sympathy of the guys did not grow into something more.

She first kissed a boy as a teenager. “I remember my first kiss. We sat at my house, my parents chatted in the kitchen ... and we kissed. Nothing happened with this guy. I cut him out of my life after he didn't invite me to his birthday."

In 2020, she took part in the Sapiens Music project of Saulius Bardinskas and the Žmonė portal. She presented a piece of music Tiek jau to, in which she shared her personal experiences. Later, the artist will say that she broke up with her boyfriend and decided to start life from scratch, but this happened even before the release of the track.

For the current period of time (2022) she is in a relationship with DEDE KASPA. The couple is not shy about expressing their feelings. They enjoy posing for photographers. The couple travel together. Shared pictures of the couple often appear on social networks.

Interesting facts about the singer

  • She is often accused of plastic surgery, but Monica herself says that she completely accepts her appearance, therefore she does not need the services of plastic surgeons.
  • She has several tattoos on her body.
  • She has a pet dog.
  • At school, she considered herself the most unattractive girl in the class.
Monika Liu (Monica Liu): Biography of the singer
Monika Liu (Monica Liu): Biography of the singer

Monika Liu at Eurovision 2022

In mid-February 2022, it became known that she won the final of the national selection, gaining the right to represent Lithuania at Eurovision 2022 with the song Sentimentai.


Monika said she wants to outdo The Roop, who finished 8th in Rotterdam last year with Discoteque. The artist also noted that for several years she had dreamed of going to Eurovision.

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