Thundercat is a popular American bassist, singer, and lyricist. The first wave of popularity covered the artist when he became part of Suicidal Tendencies. Today he is associated as the singer who performs the sunniest soul in the world. Reference: Soul is a genre of music of African-American origin. The genre originated in the United States in the 1950s on the basis of rhythm and blues. As for awards, […]

ANIKV is a hip-hop, pop, soul and rhythm and blues artist, songwriter. The artist is a member of the creative association "Gazgolder". She conquered music lovers not only with the unique timbre of her voice, but also with her charming appearance. Anna Purtsen (real name of the artist) gained her first popularity on the rating Russian music show "Songs". Anna Purzen's childhood and youth Date of birth […]

Krut - Ukrainian singer, poetess, composer, musician. In 2020, she became the finalist of the National selection "Eurovision". On her account, participation in prestigious music competitions and rating television projects. Fans held their breath as the Ukrainian bandura player is preparing to release a full-length LP in 2021. In November, the premiere of a cool track took place, which will be included in […]

Sade Adu is a singer who needs no introduction. Sade Adu is associated with his fans as the leader and the only girl in the Sade group. She realized herself as the author of texts and music, vocalist, arranger. The artist says that she never aspired to be a role model. However, Sade Adu - […]

Tosya Chaikina is one of the brightest and most extraordinary singers in Russia. In addition to the fact that Antonina sings skillfully, she realized herself as a musician, composer and author of tracks. She is called "Ivan Dorn in a skirt". She works as a solo artist, although she doesn't mind cool collaborations with other artists. His main […]

Jeangu Macrooy is a name that European music lovers have been hearing a lot lately. A young guy from the Netherlands managed to attract attention in a short time. Macrooy's music can best be described as contemporary soul. Its main listeners are in the Netherlands and Suriname. But it is also recognizable in Belgium, France and Germany. […]