Xtreme: Band Biography

Xtreme is a famous and popular Latin American band that existed from 2003 to 2011.


Xtreme is recognized for its sensuous bachata performances and original, romantic Latin American compositions. A distinctive feature of the group is its own unique style and inimitable performance of the singers.

The band's first success came with the song Te Extraño. The popular song was included in the first album and repeatedly occupied a leading position in the top music charts.

The main success of the second album was the single Shorty, Shorty. Another famous single was written under the inspiration of love feelings at a distance and the impossibility of such a relationship, I Have You Here.

The group was founded in 2003, but in fact it began its activities in 2004. The youth group included two young and talented guys from Dominican families who once immigrated to New York.

At a certain point in history, there was also a third performer in the team, but he soon left the group.

Singers of romantic songs:

  • vocals - Danny Mejia (date of birth: July 23, 1985, place of birth - The Bronx (New York));
  • backing vocals - Steven Tejada (date of birth: November 25, 1985, place of birth - Manhattan (New York)).

Among the main genres of song performance are latina and bachata. In 2004, the debut album was released, which took 14th position in the Latin American songs chart.

Xtreme: Band Biography
Xtreme: Band Biography

The second collection of Haciendo Historia was presented to the public after 2 years. At one time, he reached the 13th position of the music chart. The third album, Chapter Dos, was released in November 2008.

Unfortunately, 2011 was the last year of joint work of talented performers.

Among the popular singles: Lloro Y Lloro, Baby, Baby, Shorty, Shorty. At that time, romantic compositions by young performers sounded at almost all Latin American parties. And until now, they can often be heard among fans of the performers' creativity.

Some facts about the band members

Danny is the very first performer. Initially, he was alone in the group. Danny became a member of the project at a very young age, at that time he was only 17 years old. Before taking the place of honor as a vocalist, he had to go through numerous musical auditions.

Stephen only joined Xtreme in 2004. He, like Danny, came from a Dominican immigrant family.

Xtreme: Band Biography
Xtreme: Band Biography

Also included was a third performer. His face even appeared on the cover of the band's first album. Subsequently, he left the band, and only two performers remained in the group.

In this composition, the duet lasted until 2011, until it broke up. After that, everyone went their own creative way, continuing to develop their solo careers.

Steven Tejada

After the breakup of the group, Stephen did not quit music. After some time, he began collaborating with the band Vena as a vocalist, where he worked until 2016. Stephen then developed a solo musical career.

Danny Mejia

After the demise of the Xtreme group, Denny also did not stay away from musical creativity. For some time he performed as a soloist under the name Danny-D xtreme.

In his work, he continued to demonstrate all the achievements of the Xtreme group around the world.


Since 2016, Danny has performed under only the name Danny-D. He gave the world the popular song "Stay a minute longer", which was included in the new Reborn album.

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