4atty aka Tilla (Chatty aka Tilla): Artist Biography

4atty aka Tilla stands at the origins of the Ukrainian underground. The rapper is associated as a former member of the sensational bands Bridges and Mushrooms. True fans probably know that he started rapping as a teenager, but he gained massive popularity precisely in the project of Yuri Bardash.


Great news for fans - the artist promises to release a full-length album in 2022. In early February of this year, the premiere of the track “Do / Dust” already took place, but more on that later.

Childhood and youth of Ilya Kapustin

The artist's date of birth is June 4, 1990. He was born in the capital of Ukraine - Kyiv. An order of magnitude more is known about Ilya's work than about his childhood years.

The guy attended an ordinary Kyiv school. It is also known that he was a professional basketball player. Ilya was in the reserve of the Ukrainian national team, but due to a severe knee injury, he had to give up basketball. Ilya received his higher education at NAU.

The creative path of 4atty aka Tilla

In 2005 he takes part in the Snickers Urbania festival. Participation in the event allowed not only to prove themselves, but also to sort out life priorities. In the same year, he founded his own project. The brainchild of the rapper was named Capital Boyz. In addition to Ilya, the lineup was led by Hardbeats and Pava.

Reference: Snickers Urbania is an annual youth street culture fest. Official spelling: SNICKERS URBANiYA.

As part of this team, Ilya tries his hand at the Rap Music festival. Capital Boyz entered the top 20 rappers, and also received rather flattering comments from music critics. In 2007, the guys performed at the Parliament 001 site. When the band left the Hardbeats, 4atty and Pava began to position themselves as a duo. Rappers performed under the sign "7 Bridges".

A year later, under a new creative pseudonym, they took part in the Show Time Hip Hop Battle. In the capital club Patipa, rappers took 1st place. They were honored with the opportunity to shoot a video clip under the direction of Alexei Sedovan. Soon, fans could enjoy the adaptation of the track "Family", which was in rotation on MTV Ukraine.

The release of the solo album of rap artist Chatti aka Tilla

In 2011, Ilya finally pleased with the release of a solo album. He dropped the album “Balls. Focuses. The record premiered in Xlib. The collection was warmly received by his audience.

Around the same period of time, he officially introduced the label "Most". In the capital's Crystal Hall, a performance was held in honor of this significant event. The rapper and all the label's signers "handed out" the best lyrics to the best listeners.

A little later, 7 Bridges changed their name, and at the same time, the sound of their tracks became an order of magnitude better. Now the rappers performed under the creative pseudonym "Bridges".

"Bridges" is a group that personifies the Ukrainian underground rap of the first half of the tenth. In this period of time, in addition to 4atty aka Tilla, Konstantin "Mono" Demenkov was a member. In 2017, the team officially disbanded. The guys presented the farewell album "The Best Enemy".

Project "Mushrooms"

In 2016 Yuri Bardash, Kievstoner, 4atty aka Tilla and Symptom - presented a project that had no equal on the territory of Ukraine. "mushrooms"- turned the idea of ​​\uXNUMXb\uXNUMXb"street music" and how it can sound.

At the end of April 2016, the guys uploaded an unrealistically cool clip "Intro" to the video hosting. It took the video a couple of weeks to become #1. The same thing happened with the second track - "Cops", and "The Ice Is Melting Between Us" - finally put everything in its place.

Ilya Kapustin, as part of the team, took part in the recording of the debut LP "House on Wheels Part 1". The guys were covered with popularity, but at the same time, critics "shot" Bardash, saying that he, we quote: "the author of one hit."

4atty aka Tilla (Chatty aka Tilla): Artist Biography
4atty aka Tilla (Chatty aka Tilla): Artist Biography

The band's tracks were saturated with elements of hip-hop and house. The members of the group did not contact the media, and this became a “chip” of the “Mushrooms”. By the way, rappers did not even show their faces in the clips. They starred in balaclavas, masks, hoods. The video clips of the team contained sketches, which were brilliantly performed by Kievstoner. informal team member.

Fans assumed that the 4-ka would go very far. But, a bright arrival on the Ukrainian scene unexpectedly ended in sunset. In 2017, it became known about the dissolution of the group. Interestingly, in 2017, rappers, including Ilya, were awarded the YUNA award in the Discovery of the Year nomination. 

In 2019, he joined the Ukrainian team Grebz. Kapustin was accompanied by a former colleague in the Mushrooms group - Symptom. In 2019, the guys presented the album "Rappeq". Tracks "Contracts", "Repair", "Karakum", "0. Grebz" and "Bob" were highly acclaimed by fans.

4atty aka Tilla: details of the rapper's personal life

There is an assumption that the rapper fundamentally does not talk about his personal life. In several later interviews, he dropped phrases like "there is no girl at the moment." There is no ring on Ilya's ring finger. The artist's social networks do not allow assessing what is happening on the personal front.

4atty aka Tilla: our days

“Chatti is a talented dude, no doubt about it. Is there anything preventing him from continuing to make music in the style of "Mushrooms"? His DNA flow is the most memorable, it's unlikely that there were ghostwriters there. So I hope that he and Symptom will shoot again, they can!”.

4atty aka Tilla (Chatty aka Tilla): Artist Biography
4atty aka Tilla (Chatty aka Tilla): Artist Biography

And, Ilya, contrary to various rumors and conjectures, he could. 4atty aka Tilla released his solo track “Do/Dust” in early February 2022. In addition, it became known that the piece of music will be included in the second studio longplay of the rapper "Deuce". Ilya plans to present it during this year. In his Instagram, the singer also announced another song from the upcoming album. Her fans will hear very soon.

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