Blanco (Blanco): Biography of the artist

Blanco is an Italian singer, rap artist, and lyricist. Blanco loves to shock the audience with daring antics. In 2022 he and the singer Alessandro Mahmoud will represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest. By the way, the artists are doubly lucky, because this year the musical event will be held in Turin, Italy.


Childhood and youth of Riccardo Fabbriconi

The artist's date of birth is February 10, 2003. He was born in the Italian commune of Calvagese della Riviera, located in the province of Brescia in Lombardy.

Riccardo Fabbriconi (the real name of the rap artist) in one of his interviews said that he “exactly” refers to the place where he spent his childhood.

The biggest disadvantage of the commune, in his opinion, was the constraint of people. According to the artist, to express his opinion in Calvagese della Riviera was something transcendental.

In the Fabbriconi house, music was respected and loved. The works of Lucio Battisti, Lucio Dalla and Pino Daniele were often heard in their house. Even Riccardo with the head of the family loved to listen to pop songs that were played on the radio. As he grew older, the young man opted for the youth genre. Rap - "settled" in his heart.

As it happens with almost every second rap artist, Riccardo was driven to “great art” by emotional experiences. He composed the first track for his girlfriend. Soon he forgot about the object of his adoration, but he could no longer leave the music.

It should be noted that in addition to music, Riccardo went in for sports. He was on several football teams. By the way, he played football at a professional level.

Fabbriconi achieved good results in a team sport, so when he announced to the coach about his decision to “quit” football and go into music, he could not believe it.

Blanco (Blanco): Biography of the artist
Blanco (Blanco): Biography of the artist

The creative path of rapper Blanco

Blanco appeared on the music scene recently. In 2020, the debut EP of the artist was released on the SoundCloud platform. The album was called Quarantine Paranoid. The collection was warmly received by music lovers.

A year later, on the Island Records and Universal Music label, the artist released a cool solo track Mi Fai Impazzire. The main urge of the composition is forbidden same-sex love. The Ebbast Sphere took part in the recording of the work.

The provocative clip directed by Andrea Folino deserves special attention. In six months, the video has gained 30 million views. By the way, European viewers were not embarrassed by the plot of the video clip, but fans from the CIS countries were impressed by what they saw.

For several months, the track topped the FIMI charts. In the wake of popularity, the rapper dropped the longplay Blu Celeste. The record received good reviews from music critics, and was generally well received by music lovers.

Blanco: details of the artist's personal life

Around the person of the rapper for several years there were a variety of rumors. It was rumored that Blanco is gay. For a long time he hid information about his personal life. Provocative clips and statements by the artist added fuel to the fire.

In April 2020, Giulia Lizioli posted a joint photo with Blanco on social networks. In the photo - young people kissed. This was not the only photo in the girl's profile. Thus, the information that Julia and Blanco are a couple was confirmed.

By the way, Blanco, unlike his beloved, did not post general photos. Perhaps the artist is trying to somehow keep his personal life a secret in order to keep the number of fans.

In 2022, information appeared that Julia and Blanco got engaged. When asked about his engagement, the artist replied, “Yes, I am indeed engaged to my girlfriend. I appreciate Julia and love her very much. We've been together for many years. She knew me before popularity, therefore, she fell in love not for popularity.

Blanco (Blanco): Biography of the artist
Blanco (Blanco): Biography of the artist

The rapper is the king of shocking. He manages to look cool thanks to visits to beauty salons and the gym. Blanco is not against experiments - he loves photo shoots in provocative outfits and without them.

Interesting facts about rapper Blanco

  • His body is decorated with many tattoos. For example, an angel with the year of birth flaunts on the rapper’s chest, and a snake on the neck.
  • It doesn't work for "quantity". In an interview, the rapper said that he composes musical works when he feels an urgent need for it.
  • The artist was part of the FeralpiSalo football club.

Blanco: our days

In February 2022, he appeared on the stage of San Remo. Together with the singer Mahmoud, the rapper performed the track Brividi. The composition made a proper impression on the audience.

The song is an unofficial hymn to freedom and love without any boundaries. In the video for the song, Mahmoud and dancer Otmar Martin played a homosexual couple, and Blanco appeared with a girl. By the way, in a few days, the video gained more than 5 million views. Brividi - really glorified the duet all over the planet. The composition that brought the guys victory literally blew up the charts.


On February 6, 2022, it became known that Mahmoud and Blanco will represent Italy at the Eurovision Song Contest. Interestingly, Alessandro already has experience in this matter. In 2019, he already took part in the competition.

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