Camilo is a popular Colombian singer, musician, lyricist, blogger. The artist's tracks are usually classified as Latin pop with an urban twist. Romantic texts and soprano are the main "trick" that the artist skillfully uses. He received several Latin Grammy Awards and was nominated for two Grammys. Childhood and adolescence Camilo Echeverry […]

Zebra Katz is an American rap artist, designer, and the main figure of American gay rap. He was talked about loudly in 2012, after the artist's track was played at the fashion show of the famous designer. He has collaborated with Busta Rhymes and Gorillaz. The Brooklyn queer rap icon insists that "limitations are only in the head and need to be broken." He […]

Carlos Marín is a Spanish artist, owner of a chic baritone, opera singer, member of the Il Divo band. Reference: Baritone is an average male singing voice, average in height between tenor and bass. Childhood and youth of Carlos Marin He was born in mid-October 1968 in Hesse. Almost immediately after the birth of Carlos - […]

Terry Uttley is a British singer, musician, vocalist and the beating heart of the band Smokie. An interesting personality, a talented musician, a loving father and husband - this is how the rocker was remembered by relatives and fans. Childhood and adolescence Terry Uttley He was born in early June 1951 on the territory of Bradford. The boy's parents had nothing to do with creativity, […]

Alison Krauss is an American singer, violinist, bluegrass queen. In the 90s of the last century, the artist literally breathed a second life into the most sophisticated direction of country music - the bluegrass genre. Reference: Bluegrass is an offshoot of rural country music. The genre originated in Appalachia. Bluegrass has its roots in Irish, Scottish and English music. Childhood and youth […]

Logic is an American rap artist, lyricist, musician, and producer. In 2021, there was another reason to remember the singer and the significance of his work. The BMJ edition (USA) conducted a very cool study, which showed that Logic's track "1-800-273-8255" (this is a helpline number in America) really saved lives. Childhood and youth Sir Robert Bryson […]