Michael Ben David is an Israeli singer, dancer and showman. He is called a gay icon and the most outrageous artist in Israel. There is indeed some truth in this "artificially" created image. Ben David is a representative of non-traditional sexual orientation. In 2022, he had the opportunity to represent Israel at the international Eurovision Song Contest. Michael will go to the Italian town […]

Amanda Tenfjord is a Greek-Norwegian singer and lyricist. Until recently, the artist was little known in the CIS countries. In 2022, she will represent Greece at the Eurovision Song Contest. Amanda coolly "serves" pop songs. Critics say that: "Her pop music makes you feel alive." Childhood and youth Amanda Klara Georgiadis Date of birth of the artist […]

Zdob și Zdub is the most famous and influential rock band in Moldova. The hard scene of Moldova literally rests on the guys who lead the group. In the CIS countries, rockers received recognition for creating a cover for the track "Saw the Night" by the rock band "Kino". In 2022, it turned out that Zdob si Zdub will represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest. But fans […]

Intelligent Music Project is a supergroup with a volatile line-up. In 2022, the team intends to represent Bulgaria at Eurovision. Reference: Supergroup is a term that appeared at the end of the 60s of the last century to describe rock bands, all of whose members have already become widely known as part of other bands, or as solo performers. History of creation and composition […]

S10 is an alt-pop artist from the Netherlands. At home, she gained popularity thanks to millions of streams on music platforms, interesting collaborations with world stars and positive reviews from influential music critics. Steen den Holander will represent the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 2022. As a reminder, this year's event will take place in […]

Ronela Hajati is a popular Albanian singer, songwriter, dancer. In 2022, she had a unique opportunity. She will represent Albania at the Eurovision Song Contest. Music experts call Ronela a versatile singer. Her style and unique interpretation of musical pieces is truly to be envied. Childhood and youth of Ronela Hayati Date of birth of the artist […]