Kamaliya (Natalya Shmarenkova): Biography of the singer

Kamaliya is a real asset of the Ukrainian pop scene. Natalya Shmarenkova (name of the artist at birth) has realized herself as a singer, lyricist, model and TV presenter for a long creative career. She believes that her life is quite successful, but this is not just luck, but hard work.


Childhood and youth of Natalia Shmarenkova

The artist's date of birth is May 18, 1977. She was born on the territory of the Steppe station (Chita region, USSR). Since childhood and for a given period of time, the artist considers herself a Ukrainian and has the citizenship of this country. By the way, the singer's parents are from Chernihiv, which explains her love for everything Ukrainian.

At the station "Steppe" she spent only three years from birth. The Shmarenkov family often changed their place of residence. My father worked as a turman pilot. He believed that the main disadvantage of his work lies precisely in frequent relocations.

A few years later, the family settled in the very heart of Hungary, and a little later, when Natalia was about to enter the 1st grade, her father and mother moved to Lviv. It was in this colorful city that the future star grew up.

Even as a child, Natalia showed her creative potential. In school years, mother gave her child to the ensemble "Bell". In the dance and vocal ensemble, the girl demonstrated her boundless talent and capabilities. The teachers spoke flatteringly about little Natasha.

Kamaliya (Natalya Shmarenkova): Biography of the singer
Kamaliya (Natalya Shmarenkova): Biography of the singer

From choral singing to art song

She then joined the choir. In parallel with entering general education, Natalia entered a music school. She honed her violin playing. The girl also studied opera singing in a specialized studio.

Parents helped to develop the creative potential of their daughter. They did not spare money and time for circles, tutors, purchase of musical instruments.

From the age of 11, the girl begins to compose author's songs. In the same period of time, she participates in music competitions. Often from such events - Natasha returned with a victory in her hands. Then she was waiting for work in the ensemble "Galician Perlyna".

Natalia admits that she did not have a full childhood. By the way, she does not regret it. The artist worked tirelessly. Already in 1993, Natalia became a laureate of the prestigious Chervona Ruta competition. Then she won the Russian competition "Teleshans".

Teachers as one advised the girl to enter the conservatory. Her vocal abilities needed to be developed. But, Natalya chose the capital's State College of Variety and Circus Arts for herself, preferring the Faculty of Variety Vocal and Variety Artist.

The creative path of the singer Kamaliya

The conquest of the musical Olympus began with the fact that Kamaliya presented her debut video. We are talking about the video "In the style of techno." The work was quite well received by music lovers, which allowed the artist to release a longplay with the same name.

Then she enters KNUKI. This time, her choice fell on the specialty "Acting and Directing". Classes at the university did not prevent the development of his musical project. She releases an impressive number of tracks and announces to fans that she is working on her second studio album, Love, Kamaliya. Alas, the record was never released by the singer.

At the end of the 90s, her talent was noted at the highest level. The musical work "I Love You" received the prestigious "Song of the Year" award in Moscow.

In 2001, she did present her second studio album. The record significantly increases its credibility. Kamaliya decides to hold a series of concerts for "fans".

After activity there was a lull. There were several reasons for this. In 2003, she got married, so she devoted the lion's share of her time to her husband.

In 2007, her discography was replenished with the disc “The Year of the Queen”. This was followed by the premiere of two albums at once - Opera Club and New Kamalyia. The artist delighted her audience with productivity. By the way, her husband spared no expense to develop his wife's creative career.

One by one, Kamaliya released records. Among the artist's most popular collections are the albums: "Techno Style", "From Dusk Till Dawn", "Kamalia", "Kamaliya", "Club Opera", "Timeless". We also note that she released a little more than 30 singles.

Kamaliya (Natalya Shmarenkova): Biography of the singer
Kamaliya (Natalya Shmarenkova): Biography of the singer

Kamaliya: details of the artist's personal life

In her youth, Kamaliya spent time developing her singing career. However, at the age of 25, she decided to change her landmark. The Ukrainian artist met Mohammad Zahoor. A wealthy businessman tried to win the artist's attention with expensive gifts, but Kamaliya herself was already well on her feet by that time.

She had real estate in Kyiv at her disposal. She drove a car that she bought with her own money. The billionaire, originally from Pakistan, had to charm the Ukrainian beauty with romantic deeds. The artist accepted courtship from Zahoor. She was not repulsed by a big age difference (the singer's husband is 22 years older than her).

The romance began with the fact that he invited Kamaliya to perform at a corporate event. Then the man invited her to a romantic dinner, and then the couple went to Pakistan.

Surprisingly, a few weeks after they met, Kamaliya received a marriage proposal from Zahur. Love at first sight - you can't call it otherwise.

After the wedding ceremony, the husband of the Ukrainian artist decided to move to the territory of Ukraine. A married couple is engaged in raising charming daughters.

Kamaliya: interesting facts

  • She received the title of Honored Artist of Ukraine.
  • The artist does charity work. She not only donates personal funds, but also organizes charity concerts.
  • In 2008, she won the title of "Mrs. World".
  • She loves horses and is a regular horse rider. The artist "hooked" her whole family on this lesson.
  • The couple did not manage to become parents for a long time. Kamaliya had to agree to IVF. In 2013, she gave birth to twins.
Kamaliya (Natalya Shmarenkova): Biography of the singer
Kamaliya (Natalya Shmarenkova): Biography of the singer

Kamaliya: our days

In 2019, the premiere of the video clip "Vilna" took place. The video was actively rotated on the air of music channels, and a flash mob with the hashtag of the same name was even launched on social networks. Kamaliya became the "mother" of the Ukrainian project, the purpose of which is to draw attention to the topical issue of domestic violence.

2020 did not remain without musical novelties either. This year, the premiere of the tracks “Na Rizdvo” and on Freedom took place. But, especially the fans were pleased with the release of the video for the work "Besame Mucho". Fans noted that in the video they did not recognize the fragile Kamaliya at all, as she tried on the role of "strong, daring, independent."

In 2021, she presented a video for the song "Dance". The artist noted that this is a real "dance bomb". The video has already been viewed by more than a million users, awarding Kamaliya with flattering reviews.


In September of the same year, the track You Gimme Lovin' premiered. The release of the song was accompanied by the premiere of a bright and sensual video clip. By the way, the premiere of the single and music video You Gimme Lovin' also took place on the RTL channel (Austria).

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