Yung Trappa is a Russian rap artist and lyricist. For a short creative career, the singer managed to release several worthy long-plays and clips. He is well-known not only thanks to cool musical works, but also not the “cleanest” reputation. Not so long ago, he had already served time in places of deprivation of liberty, but in 2021 […]

Platinum is a rap artist of Latvian origin, popular in youth circles. He is a member of the creative association "RNB CLUB". The interest of music lovers in his work has grown significantly over the past few years. Platinum began to release really "top" tracks, which, according to his fans, he constantly wants to put on "repeat". The childhood and youth of Robert Pladius […]

Einár is one of the most popular rap artists in Sweden. Our compatriots called the rapper "Russian Timati". For a short career, he released as many as three studio albums. The artist has repeatedly confirmed that he is the best. He was nominated for a Grammis - an analogue of the American award. In 2019, he became the most popular singer in his […]

Octavian is a rapper, lyricist, musician. He is called the brightest young urban artist from England. A “delicious” chanting style, a recognizable voice with a hoarseness - this is what the artist is adored for. He also has cool lyrics and an interesting style of presenting musical material. In 2019, he became the most promising performer in the world, and […]

Boldy James is a popular rap artist from Detroit. He collaborates with The Alchemist and releases chic works almost every year. It is part of Griselda. Since 2009, Baldy has been trying to realize himself as a solo rap artist. Experts say that so far it has been sidelined by mainstream popularity. Despite this, the work of James is followed by a multi-million dollar […]

"Slaves of the Lamp" is a rap group that was formed in the mid-90s of the last century in Moscow. Grundik was the permanent leader of the group. He composed the lion's share of the lyrics for Slaves of the Lamp. The musicians worked in the genres of alternative rap, abstract hip-hop and hardcore rap. At that time, the work of rappers was original and unique in several [...]