Zebra Katz is an American rap artist, designer, and the main figure of American gay rap. He was talked about loudly in 2012, after the artist's track was played at the fashion show of the famous designer. He has collaborated with Busta Rhymes and Gorillaz. The Brooklyn queer rap icon insists that "limitations are only in the head and need to be broken." He […]

Logic is an American rap artist, lyricist, musician, and producer. In 2021, there was another reason to remember the singer and the significance of his work. The BMJ edition (USA) conducted a very cool study, which showed that Logic's track "1-800-273-8255" (this is a helpline number in America) really saved lives. Childhood and youth Sir Robert Bryson […]

Edward Beal is a popular Russian blogger, prankster, rap artist. He gained popularity after he began to release provocative videos on YouTube video hosting. Edward's original work does not find positive responses from everyone, but despite criticism, Beal's videos are gaining millions of views. Childhood and youth of Eduard Biel Date of birth of a celebrity - 21 […]

Drakeo The Ruler is a popular American rap artist and lyricist. Jeff Weiss called him, quote: "The West Coast's greatest artist, a legend who invented a new rap language of slippery, jumpy rhythms and psychedelic slang." The rapper's voice takes listeners by surprise. He reads just above a whisper, and this has a mind-blowing effect on music lovers. His work […]

Roma Mike is a Ukrainian rap artist who loudly announced himself as a solo artist in 2021. The singer began his creative path in the Eshalon team. Together with the rest of the group, Roma recorded several records, mainly in Ukrainian. In 2021, the rapper's debut LP was released. In addition to cool hip-hop, some compositions of the debut […]