Mayot is one of the brightest representatives of the new rap school in the Russian Federation. Mayot's tracks are admired by OG Buda, and this rapper definitely has good taste. And Morgenstern himself threw respect to the freshman. Mayot has made a big name for itself in 2020, and even the coronavirus pandemic hasn't been able to steal its success. […]

Idris & Leos is a Russian duo that made a big name for itself in 2019. Talented musicians "make" cool tracks in the musical genre "hookah rap". Reference: Hookah rap is a cliche that is used in relation to music in a certain style. On the territory of the CIS countries, hookah rap spread in the 2010s. History of creation […]

Jamik is a rapidly growing rap artist from Russia. Fans adore the artist for his strong and soulful pieces of music. He gained his first portion of popularity in 2020. The manner of presenting Jamik's songs is somewhat similar to Makan's recitative. Ilya Borisov's childhood and youth Ilya Borisov (real name of the rap artist) was born in Moscow. Alas, […]

QUOK is deservedly called the most atypical rap artist. He confidently entered the music arena in 2018 (before that, attempts to create suitable content were not so successful). Childhood and youth of Vladimir Sorokin Date of birth of the artist - April 22, 2000. Vladimir Sorokin (the real name of the rap artist) does not disclose all the details of his personal […]

Eldar Dzharakhov is a Russian video blogger, creator, rap artist, lyricist. In 2017, his video took 3rd place among the most viewed videos in Russia. The artist is known to his fans as a member and founder of the Successful Group humorous rap group and the ClickKlak media team. Reference: Creator is the creative director of the company, the person who is responsible for the development, […]

Metox is a Russian rap artist who, over a short creative career, sat down to “make some noise”. He is the author of the most authentic rap album of 2020. By the way, Metoks dedicated a full-length LP to his time in prison (more on that later). Childhood and youth years of the artist Almost nothing is known about the childhood and youth years of Alexei (the real name of the rap artist). […]